iPhone Monitoring Apps: Are They Worth it?

You must have been coming across a lot of iPhone monitoring apps in recent times, with pretty much all of them touting capability of handling your concerns pertaining to kids’ online safety or employees’ use of digital privileges with utmost satisfaction. It’s hard to resist the strong pull of these tantalizing promises, but do the apps in question really have what it takes to deliver on them? Let’s find out.

Keep Kids Safe from Online Threats

Do you know allowing your kids to use internet in the privacy of their rooms involves a huge amount of risk. If you, like other traditional parents, think that your kids are safe as long as they are at home, then you are clearly mistaken and not updated on how the world around you has changed. Internet is the home of all sorts of threats, the most notable being cyberbullying, pornography and predators. Kids are hardly mature enough to understand the risks circling them, and rather than treading carefully, they end up getting carried away with the freedom available to them in cyberspace, thus letting their guard down. They leave themselves susceptible to cyberbullying, sneak into pornographic and other inappropriate websites, recklessly interact with strangers, and rarely think twice before sharing personal information with anyone who’s willing to listen. And the most alarming part is, all this happens right under your nose. At least with iPhone monitoring apps, you have a greater chance of detecting red flags and intervening in time to save your youngsters from getting themselves trapped into a really dangerous or complicated situation. It also lets you shield them from the unhealthy influence of the web. So as far as keeping kids safe in the digital age is concerned, iPhone monitoring apps are certainly worth it.

Monitor Employees’ Performance

Access to web-connected devices and internet provide employees with the perfect escape from work. As an employer, you can’t possibly ignore this problem as it has the potential to make your company bleed. If their priorities include texting, surfing the web, streaming videos online, having lengthy chat sessions, etc., then that’s bound to take its toll on their productivity and hence the operations and performance of the business. The only thing you can possibly do is to get help from an iPhone monitoring app. These apps make it extremely easy for you to keep an eye on how your employees are making use of their time during work hours, and whether they’re spending an unacceptable amount of time on their smartphones. All this adds up to give your employees just the push they need to give their 100 percent at work. As for the question of whether investing in digital monitoring tools for keeping tabs on employees’ iPhones is worth it or not, the answer is yes, it sure is worth it.

Track Location Through GPS

Monitoring kids and employees without using a monitoring app may be easy for you, but what about location tracking? Can you follow your kids or employees everywhere they go? Of course you can’t, which is why you have no option but to take their work for it. But what if they’re lying? Using an iPhone spy app to track the location of your employees or kids can really help. At least that way you’ll remain informed of their whereabouts round the clock and not find yourself getting tricked by them. Once again, it’s fair to say that iPhone monitoring apps are worth investing in.

Best iPhone Apps to Spy on Employees’ Communications

Employees can sometimes be hard to deal with, especially when they’re wasting most of their time at workplace exchanging messages and emails. This of course affects the overall performance of the company and it is the employer who eventually ends up on the losing end. The worst part is that employers cannot penalize them because they can’t prove if the employees were really talking to each other or not. However, employers can now seek help from spy apps which will allow them to keep tabs on employee communication with ease. Following are some of the best spy apps available for iPhone.


First on the list is Mobistealth, and it’s at the top for a reason. This spy app enables you to spy on almost all communications of your employees. You can keep tabs on their SMS, e-mails, Skype chats, and even WhatsApp conversations. These are the most common tools for communication in the modern day and being able to secretly view them will certainly help you as an employer to keep tabs on what your employees are saying to each other during office time. This spying not only will help you single out the people that were wasting too much of their time, but will also help put all the other employees in line. Most of the spy apps are restricted from the App Store but not Mobistealth. You can use this app on your iPhone without jailbreaking or physically accessing the device.


mSpy is another brilliant app which has been in the business for a very long time. It comes quite close to the excellence of Mobistealth, so it’s totally up to you to decide which one to go for. It allows you to keep an eye on employee messaging, internet use, social networks, SMS, emails, and so much more. So if you’re really fed up with your employees and feel that they just waste their time at workplace, then mSpy can be of huge help here. You will be able to deal with the black sheep instantly and make an example out of them. Other employees will surely receive a wakeup call and will focus on work in the future.

Highster Mobile

If you aren’t satisfied with monitoring the texting conversations between your employees and want to listen to and record what they’re saying to each other via calls, then Highster Mobile comes highly recommended. With the help of this app, you will be able to listen to almost all conversations of your employees and even record them if you want. It can also spy on SMS and emails, but don’t expect to monitor other social networking. If you want to keep your employees in check, then you have got to seek help from spy apps and Highster Mobiles does a pretty good job of being one.

How to Monitor Text Messages on Your Child’s iPhone

Now that kids have restricted themselves to their smartphones, most of their conversations are done through texting. Parents have to face the worse of it as their youngsters only share their problems with their friends while leaving them completely in the dark. Due to this reason, parents are unable to tell what their kids are feeling, what they are going through, whether they need help of some sort, etc. Luckily, there are ways to monitor what kids are saying to their friends in their text messages, some of which are outlined below.

iPhone Spy Apps

iPhone spy apps the best way to ensure that you know what your kids are feeling without much of a hassle. Almost every spy app has a feature that allows you to keep tabs on your kids’ text messages. This will allow you to stay in loop about what’s going on in your children’s lives. You may think that this is an invasion of privacy, which it actually is. However, you have to look at the bigger picture here. If you don’t monitor SMS activity of your kids, then you won’t be able to know what kind of people they are talking to, what stuff they are talking about, what is happening in their lives, etc. By monitoring messages, you will gain insight into their lives, helping you become a better parent as you will be dealing with the problems that are actually present in your children’s lives.

Cellular Services

All the communication done through text messages is available at the cellular service provider. Some of these service providers provide different plans in which you can actually see whom your children are talking to. You will have to get registered first, and then you will be able to keep an eye on your kid’s SMS log with ease. Just log-in to your cellular service account and the registered number, which would be of your kid, will show up. You will be able to see the phone numbers of all people that your children have been in contact with. You must keep in mind that not all of the cellular service providers will offer this service, so you will have to choose wisely.


The iMessages service in iPhones can make the process of monitoring kids’ texting a whole lot easier. If you and your kid are using the same account for messaging, then you can monitor their activity easily. Just log into the account and all the conversations done by your children would be right in front of you. If your children are using another account, then you will have to obtain their account’s information because that’s the only way for you to monitor their messages.

The Friendly Side of Spying Technology

The term spy app carries a negative connotation, which is why Apple and iPhone spy apps are still looked at with skepticism. Whenever someone mentions that a spy app in certain situation can come in handy, his/her idea is trashed straight away because people in general don’t want to get involved with them. While these spy apps do have some disadvantages, they are so because of their misuse by users, who get carried away upon being empowered by the powerful tools that are on offer.

However, if you actually give spy apps a chance, you will start to realize how wrong you were about them. Not only can they come in handy in businesses and for parents, but they also have a lot of other uses. In this article, we will discuss the areas and situations where spy apps can prove to be a reliable and super helpful friend.

Location Tracking

Although, we try our best to hold on to our phones, we either end up losing it somewhere, or become a victim of mobile theft. While there wasn’t much you could do about it before, you can easily trace your phone with the help of a spy app, provided you were vigilant enough to install it on your phone. It is particularly useful in a mobile theft situation, as getting hold of the thief can otherwise prove a real challenge.

Parents Can Help Their Kids

Children are normally reluctant about sharing their feelings with their parents and keep their problems to themselves most of the times. This makes it really hard for the parents to actually know what their kids are going through, making the job of parenting a whole lot harder. However, it is very likely that the children will search or talk about the problems they are facing on the internet. With the help of spy apps, you can keep an eye on what they’ve been searching or talking about online, thus becoming informed of their problems easily. Although it may seem like snooping, it is not really that bad since the purpose behind is to ensure your kids’ well-being. However, make sure that you give your kids their space and don’t start to question everything they do in their daily routine.

Block Pornographic Content

This is another huge feature that is especially helpful for parents raising their kids in today’s digital age. They can block any pornographic website so that their children can’t access them. Sooner or later, kids are going to learn about pornographic content on the internet, but with the help of spy app, you can reduce the exposure by a huge margin.

Avoid Data Leaks

Spy apps can prove really handy in case you accidently leave your phone at home. Since they frequently transmit the logged data to an online control panel that you can access from anywhere, you can easily access any new messages and emails you may have received.

Like everything else, spying technology has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, depending on how it’s utilized by user. Blaming them for being susceptible to abuse is simply unfair.

iPhone Jailbreak: Why it’s Such a Bad Idea

Hackers are always looking for new ways to get access to iPhones. They use iPhone spy app and various other tools to get unsolicited access to someone’s private data. That is just one of the many risks that phone users face in today’s time and age. Apple’s flagship phone attempts to keep these threats at bay through its strong security firewall which is updated by the tech giant on regular basis for better protection. Unfortunately, some adventurous people cross the boundaries by jailbreaking their phone, increasing their device’s vulnerability to all kinds of risks.

What really is iPhone Jailbreak?

Apple restricts apps to use information present on an iPhone up to a great extent. This extra layer of security is added for user protection. Jailbreaking the iPhone simply means freeing your iPhone from all these restrictions. This may sound tempting to some people, but it has serious consequences. A jailbroken iPhone gives an additional access privileges to apps, leaving your sensitive information exposed.

Drawbacks of iPhone Jailbreaking

If you are considering to jailbreak your phone, then do prepare yourself to pay the price for the extra bit of freedom. Here’s a glimpse of some of the major drawbacks of tampering with the original software.

Increase in Security Threats: The biggest selling point of iPhone is its strong security features. This security, however, is lost immediately once you jailbreak your device. The first thing people do after jailbreaking their phone is to download their favorite apps from platforms like Cydia, which is a well-known third-party app store. This is similar to digging your own grave as most of the apps taken from non-Apple app stores are not safe. They get direct access to all the information present in your phone, which may then be misused.

Decrease in Battery Timing: Jailbreaking does not directly decrease the battery life of your phone, but the apps, tweaks and updates you receive do that. Apple’s official digital market App Store makes sure that the apps available in it are safe to use and do not drain too much battery, but third-party stores do not take these things into consideration.

Exposure to Viruses and Malware: Recently, a malware named AdThief was detected in an app downloaded from Cydia. This malware stole hundreds of dollars through fraud. The money was taken from app developers who created ads for generating revenues from different apps. The victims consisted solely of jailbroken iPhones. In the same way, a Tech team from Georgia pointed out another malicious app known as Jekyll which was able to successfully pass through iOS defenses. These examples are just a few of the many that highlight the increased susceptibility of Apple devices to malware once jailbroken.

System Updates Leaves you empty handed: Apple does not like the idea of jailbreaking as it’s the image of its products that is at stake. This is why it keeps on updating its iPhones. If you are planning to jailbreak your phone, then you need to know that Apple does not release updates for jailbroken devices. Your iPhone will become outdated, which in other words means that it will become even more insecure and lose its worth. You will need to get rid of jailbreaking to recent updates.

Increased Chances of Crashing: The best thing about iPhone is that unlike smartphones, it hardly crashes. Things completely change after jailbreaking though. The device becomes vulnerable to viruses and malware, which makes it slow. Some apps are so heavy that they not only drain the battery, but also sometimes cause the phone to crash.

Lose the right to claim warranty: You lose the warranty claim and support services offered by Apple after you jailbreak your iPhone. In fact, it almost disowns its product after it has been tampered with. You have to remove the jailbreak in order to claim warranty, but chances are you won’t need to claim it after switching back as majority of the problems will vanish.

Let’s just accept it that jailbreak has more harm than benefit. It’s okay to like freedom, but sometimes the price just isn’t worth it. Are you willing to put your device and security of your data at stake and spend money on third-party apps when you have the option of enjoying a complete smartphone experience on the stock iPhone device? Think for a minute before rushing to a decision.