Top 5 Pitfalls to Avoid While Buying an iPhone Tracker

Most of the people buy an iPhone tracker to stay updated with the location of their employees, or to make sure their kids are safe. There are several trackers available online each claiming to reliability and results, but most of them don’t. Let’s take a look at 5 most common pitfalls that you must avoid while investing in an iPhone tracker.

1. Inability to Detect Location in the Absence of GPS

A conventional tracker uses device GPS to give details about the location, but the major drawback with this method is that it only works if the GPS is enabled on the device. Many smartphone users keep GPS off as they don’t feel comfortable about being on the radar, or because they want their phone’s battery to last longer. So, make sure the cell phone tracker you are about to buy can do its job even in the absence of GPS. Opt for one that can use Wi-Fi signal strength or mobile towers proximity to track the location. Of course the results won’t be as precise as you get with GPS, but it’s still far better than relying on one technology alone.

2. Jailbreaking the iPhone as a Prerequisite

Even some of the best iPhone trackers fail to track the iPhone if it is not jailbroken, which leaves you with two choices – either to jailbreak the iPhone yourself, which is very risky, or to find a tracker that can work on non-jailbroken iPhones. So make sure the iPhone tracker you are investing your money on can work perfectly on the non-jailbroken iPhone.

3. Non-Compatibility with Recent Models of iPhone

It is also very important that the tracker you are going to buy is compatible with all the versions of iOS and models of iPhone, or at least the recent ones. This is mainly because most of the trackers fail to work on latest iPhone devices. The problem normally occurs when your target device is running a relatively recent or newer version of iOS as the tracker you are using may not be compatible with it.

4. Easy to Tamper With

Many people go for free iPhone trackers, which may be a good decision when it comes to saving money, but it is unfortunately not the smarter one, as these apps are relatively easier to tamper with. Even a person with a little technical know-how can figure out that the device is being tracked and therefore proceed to taking measures to put an end to that.

5. Difficult to Use

There is no point in using a tracking app that is difficult to use. What if the app you have bought has a complicated user interface with a lot of different options, making you feel completely lost. Buy the app that shares location in an easy-to-read and understandable format, and has a user-friendly interface.

The best way to avoid these and other pitfalls is by checking the features and specifications of the tracker by visiting its official website prior to reaching a decision. You must also read its customer reviews to know what kind of feedback the tracker and company has been getting.

iPhone Tracking App – How to Track an iPhone

Tailing made easy with the iPhone Tracking App

We hear the term tailing and the first thing that pops into our head is the image of a speeding sports car following another speeding luxury car. The reality is that the iPhone Tracking App has removed the need to put the pedal to the metal. The iPhone Tracking App tails your target user while it sits in their pocket. Sure, you’ll lose your fantasy of chasing someone down the freeway with the wind in your hair but rest assured the iPhone Tracking App does it better than you do – and it does it without the target user ever finding out that someone is following them.


GPS-iphone-trackingThe iPhone Tracking App is extremely user friendly; there are no complicated codes or coordinates that will weigh you down. The iPhone Spy App simply plots the location of your target user on a map and presents it to you through your online account. You can check where the target user has been, where they are and even take a wild guess as to where they may be going next. The iPhone Spy basically functions through the iPhone’s GPS connection, however, in times where the GPS fails or stops working properly the iPhone Tracking App quietly switching to finding satellite or Wi-Fi connections which can help it help you find your target user.


The frequency of the location updates is entirely up to you. You could choose to track your target user with as little as an eight minute interval, or track them every hour. Your preferences are recorded by the iPhone Tracking App and it dutifully reports back to you within your specified time frame.  The iPhone Tracking App has made it possible for people to take real action and stay informed instead of waiting around and wondering what happened to their target users. It can be used by numerous people including parents, employers and spouses to keep an eye on what matters to them the most.

The most interesting thing to note is the substantial reduction in cost when you choose the iPhone Tracking App, to track your target user, over any other method. The iPhone Tracking App will only set you back a mere $39.99, and you can follow your target user around all day, without moving an inch. We can’t all be James Bond you know; for the smarter ones amongst us the iPhone Tracking App does the trick better than any super spy can.


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How to Find Your Lost iPhone or iPad?

track iphone 4sThere is always a possibility of loosing or misplacing your iPhone or iPad. When you loose your gadget, it not only costs you financially but also deprives you of your personal data. In case you have lost your gadget, there are different methods to track and recover it. Whether your iPhone/iPad is stolen or you have misplaced it, you can use following free apps to locate and recover it:

1. MobileMe

This is an effective app for iPhones or iPads. The app has the ability to let you know the exact location of your gadget. Hence, it helps you in tracking and recovering the lost gadget.

2. iLocalis

This iPhone/iPad app enables you to not only find out the current location of your lost iPhone or iPad but also control the gadget from your computer which is going to be very useful. In case you suspect that your gadget is in someone else’s possession, you have the option to remotely wipe out or lock all the data of your handset so that nobody can access your contacts, photos, messages or any other personal information. There might be another situation, if your handset is stolen and the thief has changed the sim, you can log in with the help of you ID and send yourself a message or make a remote call to your other number, hence, you will get the number of the thief. No doubt, iLocalis is one of the most useful apps to locate and recover your lost iphone or ipad.

3. Navizon App

This is another useful app for iPhone/iPad users who have lost or misplaced their gadgets. Navizon app, through wifi-positioning, not only locates your gadget but also has an amazing feature to keep a track where your handset has been for particular period of time. Furthermore, this app alerts you whenever you enter into a different area.

4. Find my iphone by apple

This is yet another useful app which is designed by Apple. Find-my-iphone makes it possible to track and recover your lost iphone in a very convenient way. Take my word; Find my phone is worth installing on your iphone or ipod.

5. Mobistealth

Here is another solution which enables you to track the location of an iPhone. By installing Mobistealth on to your iPhone, you'll be able to track the current location of your lost or stolen iPhone easily. iPhone tracking app helps you in catching cheating partner, kids, employees suspicious activities on iPhone too. I'll recommend to use this iPhone Spy.

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