3 Things You Should Remember Before Buying iPhone Spy App

The trend of using monitoring apps, also known as spy apps, to keep tabs on someone’s iPhone calls, messages, emails, browsing history, media, and location has been on the rise lately. That’s understandable as these tools are ridiculously powerful due to their ability to work exceptionally well while showing complete disregard for distance or geographical location. If you too are planning to jump on the iPhone spying bandwagon, then go ahead. However, before you do that, there are a few important things that you must know to avoid unnecessary complications.

Its Legality is Conditional

Although iPhone spy apps can easily be picked off the web and the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) haven’t announced a crackdown on the companies behind these tools, you should still exercise caution. The legality of spy apps is based on their use. If you are using spy apps on someone else’s iPhone, and that too without seeking their consent first, then you’ll be guilty of committing an infraction, one that may result in imprisonment and fine. You can only install a spy app on a device that you own. This includes devices that you may have given to your employees for work purposes. However, even if you are installing the monitoring app on your own devices that is in someone else’s use, it is legally binding on you to inform them that you’re keeping tabs on their mobile communications and activities. If you don’t do that and the person you’re spying on reports you to the LEAs, you can end up in a lot of trouble.

iPhone Spy Apps have Limitations

There is no denying the fact that spying tech has evolved a lot in recent years, gaining unique and powerful abilities that once seemed impossible. However, there are still a lot of things that it can’t do. For example, you cannot install a spy app on the target iPhone remotely. Furthermore, you can’t snoop on encrypted data and communications. That, however, may not prove to be such a huge issue since most spy apps pick data off the device directly, or in some instances the backup server, where the data is normally stored in an unencrypted form. However, if you’re planning to intercept data mid-air, then you’ll only find yourself disappointed. One more thing that you need to be mindful of is that Apple keeps releasing new updates to reinforce iOS’s defenses. So if you’re able to snoop on a certain iPhone activity today, there’s a very good chance that you might lose that access following the release of a new update by Apple. To regain that kind of access, you might have to wait for a newer version of whatever spy app you’re using.

Spy Apps Can Damage Relationships

This one is no brainer. Nobody likes to be spied on. If you’re snooping on the conversations, online activities, pictures, videos, and whereabouts of people you share a good relation with, including your partner, friends, colleagues, etc., then you’re basically taking a huge risk. The moment they find out what you’ve been up to, they’re likely to feel betrayed and distance themselves from you. Some might even go as far as reporting you to the LEAs for invading their privacy. You may not want to take such a risk. Therefore, always think twice or thrice before investing in and deploying an iPhone spy app.

iPhone Spy Apps Get Even More Powerful Than Before

iPhone spy apps are frequently used by parents and employers to keep an eye on kids and employees respectively, but some users often used to complain that these tools lack various basic features like inability to work on non-jailbroken iPhone, failure to detect device location in the absence of GPS, etc. If you have tried out these apps in the past and were a bit disappointed by their limitations, then you may be in for a shock once you give some of the more recent spy apps a shot. It’s time to take a quick tour of some of the latest additions to their arsenal and give you a glimpse of how they have matured lately.

Physical Access No Longer Necessary

If you constantly worry about getting caught while installing a spy app on your partner’s iPhone, then you can wave your fear goodbye as there is good news for you. Gone are the days when getting physical access to target device was essential for installing these apps. Now you can use them to secretly view all activities of any device without having to physically lay your hands on it. So invest in a powerful spy app and start keeping tabs on every single person whom you wanted to spy on for a long time because these powerful spy apps won’t disappoint you anymore.

Can Be Installed on Non-jailbroken iPhone

For a very long time, spy apps could only be installed on non-jailbroken iPhone due to Apple’s strict policy regarding installation of apps from unofficial sources. However, app developers seem to have found a solution as there are several iPhone spy apps that now work even on a non-jailbroken iPhone. So, there is no need to jailbreak the iPhone anymore just to install a spy app on it. The best thing about this breakthrough is that you no longer have to worry about sacrificing your phone’s warranty or increasing the device’s susceptibility to malware.

Spy on Most Popular Messaging Platforms

Aside from letting you keep an eye on the target device’s text messages, contemporary spying apps have expanded their scope to include almost all popular instant messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, and Kik. They let you view everything from conversations to the media shared via these apps. This is particularly useful for parents who are constantly worrying about the online activities, conversations, and friends of their kids.

No More Hidden Contacts

Today’s spying apps have gained the ability to log and transmit details of not just visible contacts saved the device, but also hidden ones. The addition of this feature to the arsenal of iPhone spying tools would definitely make a lot of people uneasy, especially a cheating partner.

iPhone Monitoring Apps: Are They Worth it?

You must have been coming across a lot of iPhone monitoring apps in recent times, with pretty much all of them touting capability of handling your concerns pertaining to kids’ online safety or employees’ use of digital privileges with utmost satisfaction. It’s hard to resist the strong pull of these tantalizing promises, but do the apps in question really have what it takes to deliver on them? Let’s find out.

Keep Kids Safe from Online Threats

Do you know allowing your kids to use internet in the privacy of their rooms involves a huge amount of risk. If you, like other traditional parents, think that your kids are safe as long as they are at home, then you are clearly mistaken and not updated on how the world around you has changed. Internet is the home of all sorts of threats, the most notable being cyberbullying, pornography and predators. Kids are hardly mature enough to understand the risks circling them, and rather than treading carefully, they end up getting carried away with the freedom available to them in cyberspace, thus letting their guard down. They leave themselves susceptible to cyberbullying, sneak into pornographic and other inappropriate websites, recklessly interact with strangers, and rarely think twice before sharing personal information with anyone who’s willing to listen. And the most alarming part is, all this happens right under your nose. At least with iPhone monitoring apps, you have a greater chance of detecting red flags and intervening in time to save your youngsters from getting themselves trapped into a really dangerous or complicated situation. It also lets you shield them from the unhealthy influence of the web. So as far as keeping kids safe in the digital age is concerned, iPhone monitoring apps are certainly worth it.

Monitor Employees’ Performance

Access to web-connected devices and internet provide employees with the perfect escape from work. As an employer, you can’t possibly ignore this problem as it has the potential to make your company bleed. If their priorities include texting, surfing the web, streaming videos online, having lengthy chat sessions, etc., then that’s bound to take its toll on their productivity and hence the operations and performance of the business. The only thing you can possibly do is to get help from an iPhone monitoring app. These apps make it extremely easy for you to keep an eye on how your employees are making use of their time during work hours, and whether they’re spending an unacceptable amount of time on their smartphones. All this adds up to give your employees just the push they need to give their 100 percent at work. As for the question of whether investing in digital monitoring tools for keeping tabs on employees’ iPhones is worth it or not, the answer is yes, it sure is worth it.

Track Location Through GPS

Monitoring kids and employees without using a monitoring app may be easy for you, but what about location tracking? Can you follow your kids or employees everywhere they go? Of course you can’t, which is why you have no option but to take their work for it. But what if they’re lying? Using an iPhone spy app to track the location of your employees or kids can really help. At least that way you’ll remain informed of their whereabouts round the clock and not find yourself getting tricked by them. Once again, it’s fair to say that iPhone monitoring apps are worth investing in.

Best iPhone Apps to Spy on Employees’ Communications

Employees can sometimes be hard to deal with, especially when they’re wasting most of their time at workplace exchanging messages and emails. This of course affects the overall performance of the company and it is the employer who eventually ends up on the losing end. The worst part is that employers cannot penalize them because they can’t prove if the employees were really talking to each other or not. However, employers can now seek help from spy apps which will allow them to keep tabs on employee communication with ease. Following are some of the best spy apps available for iPhone.


First on the list is Mobistealth, and it’s at the top for a reason. This spy app enables you to spy on almost all communications of your employees. You can keep tabs on their SMS, e-mails, Skype chats, and even WhatsApp conversations. These are the most common tools for communication in the modern day and being able to secretly view them will certainly help you as an employer to keep tabs on what your employees are saying to each other during office time. This spying not only will help you single out the people that were wasting too much of their time, but will also help put all the other employees in line. Most of the spy apps are restricted from the App Store but not Mobistealth. You can use this app on your iPhone without jailbreaking or physically accessing the device.


mSpy is another brilliant app which has been in the business for a very long time. It comes quite close to the excellence of Mobistealth, so it’s totally up to you to decide which one to go for. It allows you to keep an eye on employee messaging, internet use, social networks, SMS, emails, and so much more. So if you’re really fed up with your employees and feel that they just waste their time at workplace, then mSpy can be of huge help here. You will be able to deal with the black sheep instantly and make an example out of them. Other employees will surely receive a wakeup call and will focus on work in the future.

Highster Mobile

If you aren’t satisfied with monitoring the texting conversations between your employees and want to listen to and record what they’re saying to each other via calls, then Highster Mobile comes highly recommended. With the help of this app, you will be able to listen to almost all conversations of your employees and even record them if you want. It can also spy on SMS and emails, but don’t expect to monitor other social networking. If you want to keep your employees in check, then you have got to seek help from spy apps and Highster Mobiles does a pretty good job of being one.

How Spying Tech Can Help You Catch a Cheating Husband

If you think that your partner is being unfaithful to you, then you must start searching for the truth as the longer you ignore this situation, the more painful it will get. Once you’ve mustered the courage to do what’s necessary, look for reputable iPhone spy app and sneak it into your husband’s phone to get started. From here on, you’ll be able to easily confirm your suspicion by doing the following.

Check His Message and Call History

Messages and call history can tell you the whole story, but only if they are not being deleted from the iPhone, as cheating husbands usually delete their call and message history more frequently in order to avoid getting caught. If your partner has suddenly started keeping a password on his iPhone and he avoids handing it over to you, then it is yet another signal that something is wrong. It becomes difficult to snoop on your partner’s device every now and then, so it is best to install an iPhone spy app on his device. This will allow you to keep an eye on his outgoing and incoming text messages, call logs, WhatsApp conversation, and much more.

Go Through his Emails and Social Media Account

Emails and social media accounts are also popular platforms for keeping in touch, so you must not forget to check your spouse’s social media account and his emails. Check his mail’s inbox and also sent folder. People who are guilty of something usually delete the emails immediately after reading them, not only from their inbox folder, but also from their trash folder. In the same way, your spouse would never let you see his social media account if he is hiding something from you.

Track His Location

Follow him around for at least a week in order to make sure he is not lying to you about his location. The best way to do that is by installing an iPhone tracker on his device. Try finding an app that pinpoints the exact location even if the device GPS is disabled. If your partner is visiting a club, a hotel, a park, or any other place too often for no apparent reason, then chances are he is up to no good.

Look for Changes in His Behavior

Do not just rely on the text messages and call logs. Also look for other signs. Here are a few signs that clearly indicate that there is another woman in your husband’s life.

  • He has become overly secretive lately
  • He has started spending more time away from home
  • He is starting to lose interest in you
  • He has become more conscious than usual about his appearance
  • He does not admire and adore you the way he used to
  • He gets upsets or angry over little things

Do keep in mind that these are just indications and do not necessarily mean that your husband is in fact guilty of infidelity. After making an effort to learn the truth on your own, it’s best to confront him. Don’t tell him about the spying app though, as that could put you in legal trouble.