The Importance of iPhone Spy Apps and the Benefits of Non-Jailbreak Solution

iPhone spy apps sure are attracting a lot of attention in recent years. So much is being written about them and their potential, each adding to their appeal and demand. Although spying tech dedicated to Apple’s flagship phone was garnering a lot of interest, the requirement of jailbreaking the device for installation and functionality kept many people away from it. No one liked to void the warranty of their phone, plus there were a handful of other risks, like malware for instance, to consider as well. Finally, a few spy app providers have come up with tools that allow users to install and make use of iPhone spy apps without needing a jailbreak. This is a huge deal as it removed one of the biggest concerns that iPhone users had with this tech, and also added unprecedented convenience into the process of keeping tabs on digital activities.

Understanding the Importance of iPhone Spy Apps

iPhone spy apps draw a lot of skepticism because they have spy in their name. However, in reality, these tools can be used for a lot of good purposes. If you are a parent who is worried about their kids’ safety, then you can keep tabs on their digital activity with these apps. These tools allow you to see the exchanges happening on your kids’ phone, and if you see them getting cyberbullied or behaving recklessly in any way, then you can intervene and bring it to a halt right away. Children these days like to keep everything to themselves and don’t share anything with anyone especially if it is something that makes them seem weak.

Spy apps for iPhone are pretty useful for the employers as well. Employees lack focus at workplace as they are too busy surfing the web, playing games, or socializing with their friends and family. Employers obviously can’t do anything about it because they have their own things to worry about. Employees take advantage of this and keep on wasting their time when their focus should be on the assigned tasks. This obviously can be extremely frustrating for an employer or manager. Spy apps offer reasonable solution to this problem as it can keep an eye on employees’ activities and deliver the details to employers for assessment and action.

The Joy of Non-Jailbreak iPhone Spy Solutions

As mentioned above, spy apps are pretty handy if utilized well, but the jailbreak requirement of these tools wasn’t proving to be much help. Parents wanted to keep an eye on their kids’ activity but they didn’t want to mess up their phones. Same was the case with employers, they wanted to keep an eye on their employees’ workplace activities, but the jailbreak requirement stopped them from doing so. However, now that the non-jailbreak solutions are available online, the hesitation that a lot of people interested in the tech due has lessened. This breakthrough has also worked in the favor of the spying tech industry by increasing its market and giving its demand a massive boost.

Mobile Phone Tracking: Why You Should Be Concerned

Mobile phone tracking has grown into a thriving industry with dozens of companies offering different phone tracking apps, each having its own unique features. This has naturally led to increased competition in the market. These apps have also gone through huge advancement in the last few years, which has added to their popularity and usefulness. People are now using mobile phone trackers for keeping any eye on their employees, staying updated about their kids’ whereabouts, spying on their partner’s location, and much more. Here is just a rough idea of what these tracking apps are capable of doing and why you should be concerned about your privacy and safety.

Physical Access to Device No Longer Required

In the past, you had to physically get access to the target device to install a cell phone tracker on it for keeping tabs on the location of an individual, but thanks to recent advancement in technology, this is no longer required. Some cell phone tracker providers have managed to come up with solutions that can begin tracking a device, particularly an iPhone, without needing physically access it or install anything on it. This works just as well as traditional cell phone trackers, if not better.

Even Non-Jailbroken iPhones are Vulnerable

Businessmen and professionals who are extremely conscious about the privacy of their personal data prefer buying an iPhone, considering it much safer than Android phones in its non-jailbroken state, but that is nothing more than a fallacious assumption. Mobile phone tracking technology has made a complete mockery of iPhone security protocols and is able to track it with unprecedented ease.

Tracking Even in the Absence of GPS

Gone are the days when mobile phone trackers needed an active GPS for acquiring location information. Nowadays, they can work perfectly even if the GPS is disabled or if the GPS signals drop to zero. These advanced cell phone tracking apps make use of radio or Wi-Fi signals to get precise location coordinates of the target device. This means that even if you keep your GPS deactivated all the time, it would do little to protect your privacy.

Create Serious Security Risk by Serving Dangerous Elements

Mobile phone trackers are known to serve indiscriminately. This basically means that they are used by burglars, stalkers, kidnappers, terrorists, and other such criminals to plot and execute their evil plans. Cell phone tracker providers make little effort to ensure that their product don’t end up in the wrong hands. Majority are only interested in earning money by selling their product to whoever is interested.

Delivery of Target Ads Using Location Information

Almost all of us receive promotional messages from different brands. These messages are intended to promote the products and different upcoming events taking place in or local area. Have you ever wondered how these companies get to know that you are living in a particular area for which they are promoting their product? Well, tracking apps reveal your location details to these companies. It is a very common practice for businesses to track location of people through tracking apps and then send them selective advertisements. In many cases, the cell phone tracker providers themselves sell this information to interested businesses to generate more money.

Monitoring WhatsApp on iPhone Can Save your Kid’s Life

WhatsApp has become a go-to platform for communication among the smartphone generation and its popularity only seems to be rising with time. Kids spend a large chunk of their time on this tool and can succumb to a large number of online threats. Most parents let their kids do whatever it is they want and it may seem like a good idea for now, but soon they’ll regret it. Don’t be like those parents. Remember, children are children after all and the fact of the matter is their childish habits can get them involved in some sort of trouble. Due to this reason, monitoring WhatsApp on iPhone is recommended so that you can ensure safety of your kids. If you don’t, you’ll be leaving them vulnerable to some pretty grave dangers.

The Relentless Threat of Cyberbullying

Kids are being cyberbullied a lot nowadays, but most of them don’t confess because they think that admitting it would make them look weak. Continuous exposure to this mental torture hurts their self-confidence and self-esteem big time, but they’re unable to do anything about it. However, if you were monitoring your kids’ WhatsApp activity, then you would know about the cyberbullying immediately and deal with the perpetrator yourself. Doing this will boost your kids’ confidence in big way because they will know that their parents always have their back.

Provocation and Abuse

Most of the kids learn abusive language from other students at school. They are reluctant to use that language at home but when they’re talking with their friends, they frequently use profanity. This habit of theirs stays on the phone for a limited time, but soon after, they start to abuse even when talking at home. That is not all. Unsupervised WhatsApp conversations also lead to a lot of fights are kids keep provoking each other by hurling expletives at each other and issuing risky challenges. This can really put their safety at risk. However, you can stop all this by keeping tabs on your kids’ WhatsApp activity. Yes, it is an invasion of their privacy, but you have to ensure their safety from all kinds of trouble, and abusive language and provocation is a huge problem. If you are keeping tabs, then you’ll know about these two problems immediately, and will be able to intervene and play the necessary role.

Exchange of Adult Content

Kids create multiple groups on WhatsApp and initially, the purpose of these groups is to keep in touch with each other. However, soon this conversation turns into something completely different as children start to share pornographic content with each other. They send sexual messages and exchange porn images and videos. It starts out as fun, but after a while, it becomes a routine. This is where your responsibility as parents comes in. You have to take initiative here or your children would keep on exchanging inappropriate content and indulging in indecent conversations. Seek help from a monitoring solution that enables you to keep an eye on your children’s WhatsApp, and keep them away from these so-called friends who are there to have a negative influence on your kids.

How to Easily Spy on Your Child’s iPhone Communications

Kids aren’t fond of parents prying into their personal lives, which includes their digital lives as well. However, giving them the privacy they crave is not something that you can afford considering the risk of them putting their safety in danger or engaging in inappropriate interactions. If your youngsters happen to be using an iPhone, then you’re in luck because we’ve short-listed 3 powerful iPhone spy apps that can help you keep an eye on their digital communications with ease.


Teens do not like the idea of sharing their text messages and WhatsApp chat with their parents because they consider their privacy sacred. Do not expect them to understand your concern because in their eyes, they are mature enough to realize the risks and smart enough to avoid them. The best thing for you to do is to install Mobistealth on their iPhone. With this spy app installed on their device, you can remotely view all the messages they exchange over SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Skype, LINE, Kik, and Viber. It even lets you view their email exchange in case they’re using that medium to communicate with someone. Aside from that, the app gives you access to the call details, including the phone numbers and timestamp of incoming and outgoing calls. One of the best things about Mobistealth is that it even has a version that works perfectly well on non-jailbroken iPhone, thus making it a safe option for those looking to keep their Apple warranty intact. Of course, Mobistealth is capable of doing far more than just letting you spy on iPhone communications.


It is yet another impressive spying app that is perfectly tailored to monitor the iPhone communications of kids. It not only saves the text messages, but also keeps a record of chat conversations of almost all popular chat apps, including Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, and Telegram. mSpy is easy to install and has a user-friendly interface, making it pretty for the parents to keep an eye on their kids’ communication.


Spyera lets you spy on almost all iPhone communication channels that your kids may use to interact with their friends. It keeps a record of all incoming and outgoing text messages, even if your kid immediately deletes them from their iPhone. Spyera can not only spy on WhatsApp conversations, but also retrieve chat conversations from Facebook, Skype, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, and Snapchat. Its manufacturer claims that it is the only 100% undetectable spying app currently available in the market.

You may feel guilty spying on your kids’ communications, but this is something you are doing for their own safety. Your intentions are good so there is absolutely nothing for you to feel guilty about.

Reasons to Spy on Your Employees’ iPhone

Spying is not an activity most people are comfortable with, but do you know this very activity can yield a large amount of business benefits? With smartphones such as iPhone becoming common in workplaces, there is even more reason for you to pay attention to this fact. If you doubt it, then continue reading to learn how the use of iPhone spy app on your employees’ devices can change the fortune of your company.

Increases Employees’ Output

Do you know employees’ time wasting costs companies billions of dollars every year? The use of these devices not only distracts employees from work, but also decreases their efficiency, resulting in a lower productivity. It may feel okay to you if an employee uses iPhone for a few minutes, but what if every employee does the same, and that too daily? Remember, every minute the employees spend on their devices counts negatively towards their productivity and your company’s success, so do not let them waste their time online.

Prevents Data Theft

Data theft is a rising concern for employers as it alone can cost millions of dollars to the company. What if your new employee happens to be a corporate spy sent over to your firm by your competitor to get the financial details of the organization, information about its upcoming product, company’s marketing strategy etc., or your own employees are stealing company information and leaking it to your competitors or online? If you do not want confidential business information to be leaked, then it’s strongly suggested that you start spying on employee’s devices, after prior intimation of course, to ensure that the confidential company data is safe.

Helps in Evaluating Employee Performance

If any employee at your organization has suddenly started showing poor performance or is not meeting your level of expectations, then you must install a spyware on his iPhone to know when and for how much time they use the device during working hours. iPhone spy apps also come in handy while evaluating the performance of employees for revising their salary packages and preparing their yearly or semi-yearly performance report.

Reduces Risk of Litigation

A lawsuit not only damages the repute of the company, but also costs them money either in the form of additional expenses or decreased profits. The majority of the lawsuits are filed by employees who are not happy with the organization. So, if any of your employees files a case over bullying, harassment, stalking, or any other issue, then you may take help from the reports generated by your spy app in order to tackle the issue conclusively.

Protects Against Viruses and Malware

You must have spent thousands of dollars on your IT department to make sure all the company-owned devices are protected against viruses and malware. However, your employees may not share your concern. So it is very important that you take preventive measures. Spying on employee’s iPhone is a good solution in this regard as it will help you know the files, documents and apps downloaded by your employees, including the ones that contain viruses in them. You can identify the employees who are careless with their internet or iPhone usage and warn them of the consequences.