iPhone Spy Apps Can Help Reduce Smartphone Usage at Workplace

There’s no denying the fact that smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, so much so that they have become a necessity. Due to this reason, you as an employer cannot deny their usage at workplace. Employees however, take this decision as a green signal to freely use smartphones whenever they feel like it, even ignoring work duties as a result. Their lack of commitment to work obviously affects the workflow and damages the overall company’s performance. You certainly don’t want that to happen in your company, which is why it is recommended that you seek help from iPhone spy apps. Such tools can help reduce smartphone usage in the workplace by quite some margin.

Fighting Smartphone Abuse Through iPhone Spy Apps

Apps that fall in this category allow you to keep tabs on what’s happening on your employees’ iPhone. You can see if they are texting or calling someone, visiting non-work related websites, wasting time on chat apps, etc. Gaining this information helps you to identify time-wasters as well as efficient employees. The time-wasters who previously had absolutely no check on them are likely to stay on their toes once you have deployed monitoring tech in the workplace. Knowing that they are being watched, they will most likely focus on the work. However, if they still don’t pay attention to their assigned tasks and keep on wasting their time on their iPhones, you’ll know about it through the spy app right away, and then penalize them for this unprofessional work attitude.

Penalizing an employee may seem harsh in the beginning but soon you will start to see the impact this punishment can have on others. Knowing that you’re looking at each one of them and are not taking time wastage lightly, everyone will become cautious. Likelihood is that they will become more productive to save their jobs. Now with all employees working harder, your company has a chance to regain its competitive position in the market.

The Importance of Securing Workplace Monitoring Data

Whenever you install a spy app on your employees’ iPhones, you have to tell them about it and get their consent in advance because if you don’t and they find out about it, then you could be in a whole lot of legal trouble. Furthermore, you should be extra careful with the spy apps and don’t let anyone untrustworthy near them. These apps carry personal information of your employees, and if someone gets that information, then it will not reflect well on you or your company. So before installing spy apps in your workplace, ensure that you have a strong security protocol in place to prevent any kind of unrestricted access to employee data.

iPhone Monitoring Apps: Are They Worth it?

You must have been coming across a lot of iPhone monitoring apps in recent times, with pretty much all of them touting capability of handling your concerns pertaining to kids’ online safety or employees’ use of digital privileges with utmost satisfaction. It’s hard to resist the strong pull of these tantalizing promises, but do the apps in question really have what it takes to deliver on them? Let’s find out.

Keep Kids Safe from Online Threats

Do you know allowing your kids to use internet in the privacy of their rooms involves a huge amount of risk. If you, like other traditional parents, think that your kids are safe as long as they are at home, then you are clearly mistaken and not updated on how the world around you has changed. Internet is the home of all sorts of threats, the most notable being cyberbullying, pornography and predators. Kids are hardly mature enough to understand the risks circling them, and rather than treading carefully, they end up getting carried away with the freedom available to them in cyberspace, thus letting their guard down. They leave themselves susceptible to cyberbullying, sneak into pornographic and other inappropriate websites, recklessly interact with strangers, and rarely think twice before sharing personal information with anyone who’s willing to listen. And the most alarming part is, all this happens right under your nose. At least with iPhone monitoring apps, you have a greater chance of detecting red flags and intervening in time to save your youngsters from getting themselves trapped into a really dangerous or complicated situation. It also lets you shield them from the unhealthy influence of the web. So as far as keeping kids safe in the digital age is concerned, iPhone monitoring apps are certainly worth it.

Monitor Employees’ Performance

Access to web-connected devices and internet provide employees with the perfect escape from work. As an employer, you can’t possibly ignore this problem as it has the potential to make your company bleed. If their priorities include texting, surfing the web, streaming videos online, having lengthy chat sessions, etc., then that’s bound to take its toll on their productivity and hence the operations and performance of the business. The only thing you can possibly do is to get help from an iPhone monitoring app. These apps make it extremely easy for you to keep an eye on how your employees are making use of their time during work hours, and whether they’re spending an unacceptable amount of time on their smartphones. All this adds up to give your employees just the push they need to give their 100 percent at work. As for the question of whether investing in digital monitoring tools for keeping tabs on employees’ iPhones is worth it or not, the answer is yes, it sure is worth it.

Track Location Through GPS

Monitoring kids and employees without using a monitoring app may be easy for you, but what about location tracking? Can you follow your kids or employees everywhere they go? Of course you can’t, which is why you have no option but to take their work for it. But what if they’re lying? Using an iPhone spy app to track the location of your employees or kids can really help. At least that way you’ll remain informed of their whereabouts round the clock and not find yourself getting tricked by them. Once again, it’s fair to say that iPhone monitoring apps are worth investing in.

Best iPhone Apps to Spy on Employees’ Communications

Employees can sometimes be hard to deal with, especially when they’re wasting most of their time at workplace exchanging messages and emails. This of course affects the overall performance of the company and it is the employer who eventually ends up on the losing end. The worst part is that employers cannot penalize them because they can’t prove if the employees were really talking to each other or not. However, employers can now seek help from spy apps which will allow them to keep tabs on employee communication with ease. Following are some of the best spy apps available for iPhone.


First on the list is Mobistealth, and it’s at the top for a reason. This spy app enables you to spy on almost all communications of your employees. You can keep tabs on their SMS, e-mails, Skype chats, and even WhatsApp conversations. These are the most common tools for communication in the modern day and being able to secretly view them will certainly help you as an employer to keep tabs on what your employees are saying to each other during office time. This spying not only will help you single out the people that were wasting too much of their time, but will also help put all the other employees in line. Most of the spy apps are restricted from the App Store but not Mobistealth. You can use this app on your iPhone without jailbreaking or physically accessing the device.


mSpy is another brilliant app which has been in the business for a very long time. It comes quite close to the excellence of Mobistealth, so it’s totally up to you to decide which one to go for. It allows you to keep an eye on employee messaging, internet use, social networks, SMS, emails, and so much more. So if you’re really fed up with your employees and feel that they just waste their time at workplace, then mSpy can be of huge help here. You will be able to deal with the black sheep instantly and make an example out of them. Other employees will surely receive a wakeup call and will focus on work in the future.

Highster Mobile

If you aren’t satisfied with monitoring the texting conversations between your employees and want to listen to and record what they’re saying to each other via calls, then Highster Mobile comes highly recommended. With the help of this app, you will be able to listen to almost all conversations of your employees and even record them if you want. It can also spy on SMS and emails, but don’t expect to monitor other social networking. If you want to keep your employees in check, then you have got to seek help from spy apps and Highster Mobiles does a pretty good job of being one.

Top 3 Reasons to Avoid iOS 9 Jailbreak

You probably crave for greater freedom on your iPhone because let’s face it, Apple does make iOS seem a bit suffocating at times. However, is breaking down the walls of the operating software for more liberty a wise decision? Well, the answer is no it’s not. There are just so many implications of jailbreaking your iOS, and especially iOS 9, which has brought along a handful of important security updates. Let’s discuss in detail the various reasons that make iOS 9 jailbreak a bad decision.

Increased Security Risks

Apple seems to be genuinely concerned about the security of its customers. This is why it only allows those apps on App Store which are safe to use and meets its quality standards. The company is against jailbreaking the device mainly because it removes the extra layer of security, leaving the device vulnerable to serious security threats.

Here are a few security risks that a jailbroken device is susceptible to:

  • It makes it easier for hackers and spies to steal your personal information.
  • It easily gets infected with viruses and malware that not only slows down the device and decreases its battery life, but also affects its functioning.
  • Jailbroken devices allow downloading apps from unauthorized sources, many of which contain malware in them.
  • Apple releases software updates on a regular basis to overcome the existing issues and enhance the performance of the operating software. Jailbroken devices are unable to get these automatic updates.

Device becomes Unstable

Most of the people are unaware of the fact that jailbreaking the device makes it unstable, as the third-party apps try to interfere with the operating system, creating serious issues. Jailbroken devices crash more often, and some users have also experienced freezing of apps. An unstable system also leads to unexpected reboots. A jailbroken iOS device also becomes slow, making it difficult to multitask.

Warranty becomes Void

Jailbreaking your iPhone means you are no longer eligible to get your device repaired free of cost if it gets damaged, as it voids the device warranty. Apple does not support jailbroken devices. So, if you get your iOS 9 jailbroken and experience any problem in it, then you will not be able to seek help from the customer support team.

There is definitely a purpose behind software restrictions set by Apple and tinkering with it is never a good idea even if it offers various short-term benefits. At the end of the day, your security matters the most, which is why the smarter thing to do would be to use iOS 9 in its original form.

How to know if Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

If you’ve got a girlfriend and are worried that she might be cheating on you, then instead of asking her without any proof, you should first confirm your suspicion. However, it is easier said than done, which is why we have outlined some ways that will allow you to know whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not.

Monitoring Apps

You still have your doubts at the moment, which means that your girlfriend could or could not be cheating on you. If you ask her about it straight away, she might lash out on you, and even if she wasn’t cheating, she’d end the relationship. However, there’s no need to make this mistake as you can just seek help from spying apps which are available in abundance. Apps in this category allow you to keep check on almost all digital activity of your significant other. You’ll be able to monitor their calls, SMS, Skype, WhatsApp, emails, pictures, videos, whereabouts, and so much more. Now that you have an eye on your girlfriend’s conversations, you’ll be able to see whether she’s cheating on you or not. If she is indeed cheating on you, then you will have proof of it, and if she isn’t, you’ll be able to get that thing out of your life without much of a problem.

Notice Actions

Actions speak louder than words. You can say a lot of different things, but it is what you do that defines you. Same is the case in this scenario. If you think that your girlfriend is cheating on you, then you should start observing her actions more closely. If she acts distant, doesn’t really care about what you’re doing or saying, doesn’t really care about where you’ve been, tries to keep things secret, doesn’t share her daily activities, is always busy, doesn’t tell you where she is, and stays unreachable for longer periods of time, then the likelihood is that she’s cheating on you.

Gather Evidence

Actions can give you a pretty good idea of what’s going on, but just to be sure, you have to gather evidence. As important as it is to gather tangible evidence, you’ve got to be careful about each step you take because anything you might say or do can be used against you. Go through her messages, look for anything in her bag, follow her, arrive home without telling her, keep changing your schedule, ask about her day, ask what’s she doing nowadays, and most importantly, follow your gut feeling. The relationships are very important so be careful about whatever action you decide to take. If you do blame her without evidence, you would certainly be killing the relationship regardless of whether you were right or wrong.