3 Very Good Reasons to Invest in an iPhone Monitoring App

iPhone monitoring apps are all the buzz these days. They are slowly but surely winning the confidence of employers and parents alike through their attractive features and advanced capabilities. If you already know what this technology is capable of, then the surge in its popularity shouldn’t really come as a huge surprise to you. However, if you find yourself among the uninitiated few, then now is your chance to learn what an iPhone monitoring app is capable of, and why you should invest in one immediately.

Preventing Internet Abuse

There is so much to love about the internet, but it has also given rise to a whole range of new and unique problems, ranging from porn, social media addiction, and time wasting, to decreased real-world interactions and data leakage, etc. With kids and employees getting easy access to the internet through their iPhone, they have a higher chance to move towards internet abuse, especially in the absence of parental or employer supervision respectively. In order to discourage them, you need to be keeping an eye on how they are using their iPhone and internet privileges, which is where monitoring apps come in.

Keeping Your Legitimate Interests Safe

The abuse of internet can pose a huge threat to your legitimate interests, both as a parent and as an employer. Giving your kids, especially those in their teenage years, complete freedom on their iPhone is never a smart parenting move because you’ll basically be giving them a license to freely engage in activities that can be detrimental to their physical and psychological health. They can be sneaking into the dark and shady corners of the web, perpetrating or suffering cyberbullying, learning about drugs and developing a desire to try them, falling into the trap laid out by online predators etc. As an employer, you might be exposing your business to all kinds of risks like reduced employee efficiency and decreased productivity due to distraction, excessive workplace texting, web surfing, and social networking, data leakage, and so much more. The most effective way to mitigate these problems is by keeping tabs on your kids’ and employees’ iPhone activities using a monitoring solution.

Staying Prepared for the Unexpected

With a monitoring app on your kids’ or employees’ iPhones, you can be prepared to easily tackle a complicated situation that can possibly arise in the future, be it kidnapping, workplace harassment, litigation, or something even worse. Monitoring apps efficiently log all iPhone activities, including calls, messages, web history, emails, gallery, and can even track the location information of an iOS device. Having this kind of information at your fingertips can help you deal with an unexpected situation and, in case of a legal battle, allow you to walk out of the courtroom unscathed.

Reasons to Spy on Your Employees’ iPhone

Spying is not an activity most people are comfortable with, but do you know this very activity can yield a large amount of business benefits? With smartphones such as iPhone becoming common in workplaces, there is even more reason for you to pay attention to this fact. If you doubt it, then continue reading to learn how the use of iPhone spy app on your employees’ devices can change the fortune of your company.

Increases Employees’ Output

Do you know employees’ time wasting costs companies billions of dollars every year? The use of these devices not only distracts employees from work, but also decreases their efficiency, resulting in a lower productivity. It may feel okay to you if an employee uses iPhone for a few minutes, but what if every employee does the same, and that too daily? Remember, every minute the employees spend on their devices counts negatively towards their productivity and your company’s success, so do not let them waste their time online.

Prevents Data Theft

Data theft is a rising concern for employers as it alone can cost millions of dollars to the company. What if your new employee happens to be a corporate spy sent over to your firm by your competitor to get the financial details of the organization, information about its upcoming product, company’s marketing strategy etc., or your own employees are stealing company information and leaking it to your competitors or online? If you do not want confidential business information to be leaked, then it’s strongly suggested that you start spying on employee’s devices, after prior intimation of course, to ensure that the confidential company data is safe.

Helps in Evaluating Employee Performance

If any employee at your organization has suddenly started showing poor performance or is not meeting your level of expectations, then you must install a spyware on his iPhone to know when and for how much time they use the device during working hours. iPhone spy apps also come in handy while evaluating the performance of employees for revising their salary packages and preparing their yearly or semi-yearly performance report.

Reduces Risk of Litigation

A lawsuit not only damages the repute of the company, but also costs them money either in the form of additional expenses or decreased profits. The majority of the lawsuits are filed by employees who are not happy with the organization. So, if any of your employees files a case over bullying, harassment, stalking, or any other issue, then you may take help from the reports generated by your spy app in order to tackle the issue conclusively.

Protects Against Viruses and Malware

You must have spent thousands of dollars on your IT department to make sure all the company-owned devices are protected against viruses and malware. However, your employees may not share your concern. So it is very important that you take preventive measures. Spying on employee’s iPhone is a good solution in this regard as it will help you know the files, documents and apps downloaded by your employees, including the ones that contain viruses in them. You can identify the employees who are careless with their internet or iPhone usage and warn them of the consequences.

4 iPhone Apps to Break Your Child’s Porn Addiction

A large number of children are getting addicted to porn nowadays, and the main reason behind it is an early and easy access to web-connected devices like iPhones. Being able to carry their mobile devices with them anywhere, including their rooms, gives them the perfect opportunity to sneak into the dark and shady corners of the web without getting caught. As parents, it’s your responsibility to discourage them from this. And you can easily do that with the help of iPhone monitoring apps, which are available in abundance online. In fact, there is so much variety on offer that it becomes difficult to decide which one to go for. To help you with the decision, we’ve picked some of the best monitoring apps for iPhone that can aid you in breaking your kids’ addiction to porn.


It is a great solution for keeping your kids away from porn as it allows you to keep tabs on their browsing history. You are able to see each and every website they visit on daily basis. If you see adult sites in their history, then you should intervene and explain to them how dangerous it can be for their health and future. Mobistealth also lets you view the multimedia files stored on kids’ iPhone, thus allowing you to know immediately if they’re downloading inappropriate stuff or receiving it from someone through different mediums.


mSpy also enables you to keep an eye on your kids’ browsing history, but it goes a step further by allowing you to block websites you deem inappropriate as well. So if your kids are visiting porn sites, you don’t necessarily have to confront them and make the situation awkward or tense. You can simply block the websites and let the matter rest there.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is used worldwide and is praised for its amazing features. This app gives you all the features you need to break your kids’ addiction to porn. First, there is an option that allows you to see their browsing history. Secondly, this app offers profanity alerts, which gives you an update whenever your youngsters search for something related to porn. Finally, there is YouTube monitoring that helps you see each and every video your kids watch on the popular video-sharing platform. If you are really worried about your kids being addicted to porn, then you should seek help from Mobile Spy.


If any of the aforementioned apps don’t do the trick for you, then you can consider giving FlexiSPY a try. It can help you see what websites your children are visiting. Furthermore, it allows you to keep an eye on the pictures and videos that are saved on their phone. If they have adult content in their phone, and their browsing history is clean, then it is pretty evident that they’re involved with a bad company of friends who are sending them inappropriate stuff. This is where you will need to intervene and let your kids know how toxic such friendships can be, and how porn and toxic friends can potentially do irreversible harm.

Spying Apps Can Save Your Kid’s Life

Spying is a word that is never taken in a positive sense, but when it comes to your kids, this one word can prove to be their guardian angel. There are different Android and iPhone Spy apps that you can install on your kids’ mobile phones and then you can monitor every activity being performed by them. You might be thinking that snooping on kids is wrong, which it actually is. However, in modern times, it has become more of a necessity. Spying apps have a lot of advantages, some of which we have discussed below.

Block Adult Content

Children are given a cell phone at a very young age, which doesn’t work in their favor as they are drawn to the bad side of the internet, courtesy of freedom, privacy, and internet privileges. This can lead to a whole lot of problems which they and probably you yourself may have to then deal with your whole life. However, if you have a spy app installed on your kids’ mobile phone, then this issue can be gotten rid of rather easily.

Bad Company

Kids can get involved with all sorts of people when they first leave their homes. However, with the help of spy apps, you can keep check on their conversations and if they are talking to people who feel can pose them harm, you can swiftly deal with them. If this problem is not addressed in time, it will grow and eventually your kids will also start to behave like the company they got involved with.

Location Tracking

One of the handiest features available in most of the spy apps is location tracking. With the help of this feature, you will always be able to know where your kids are. This is extremely helpful feature that can actually help you save your kids’ lives. If your kids are lost or if they lost their mobile phones, you can easily track them through this feature.

Safe Search

Whenever a keyword is typed into a search engine, results pertaining to the searched item show up. This can contain stuff that might not be suitable for kids. Once again, spy app can prove really helpful as it will block all searches that contain adult content. So even if your children search for something inappropriate, no adult content will be shown to them. By limiting your child’s web searching, you can effectively keep them safe from negative influence and risky temptations.

Call and SMS Logging

With the help of spy apps, you will also be able to keep tabs on all SMS and calls of your children. This sure does qualify as invasion of privacy, but at a young age, it’s a necessity. It may seem like a lot of work, but you have to consider what’s at stake here. Kids are impulsive and will dive into something that might not end well for them. This invasion of privacy can help you in a lot of different ways, including saving your children’s lives.

How Spy Apps Can Save Your Marriage

Is your marriage going downhill lately? An awkward or rather suffocating silence and formalities have crept into your relationship? Suspicion and doubt has been gripping you about your spouse’s loyalty, sincerity and faithfulness to you and the vows you both took? Well then, it may be time to use a rather unconventional and even controversial doctor to diagnose and fix the problem that’s gradually eroding your marriage; spy apps. Digital surveillance tools like Mobistealth can help you learn the truth about what’s going on and why, delivering to you the answers you’ve been desperately seeking, so that you may confront and overcome the issues to save your marriage. Find it all a bit confusing? Read on to get your confusion cleared.

You Can Catch Your Partner with Proof and Let Things Go Afterward

You may be finding it unethical and immoral to spy on your spouse, but you will definitely be glad that you did, as it will help you in taking a step towards curing the underlying issues hurting your marriage. Tracking SMS/MMS, call logs and much more can give you just the information and evidence you need to confront your partner and ask them for an explanation. This may make your partner realize their mistake. You can defuse the tension by assuring them that you still want to make things work between you two. This will increase the love for you in the heart of your spouse and they will automatically feel guilty and promise to make amends for their actions.

It Can Give You One Last Chance to Reconnect

Buying a spy app will be the best investment of your lifetime, as it will help you in reconnecting with your partner. You can read text messages, check call details, read social media chat, and much more in order to know whether your loved one is secretly having an affair or not. If you come across romantic text messages or too many calls to any single number, then the chances are there is something wrong. Spy app will give you that one last chance to make things right and reconnect with your partner before it’s too late. Maybe your spouse wants love, attention and respect which you failed to give. You may give more time and attention to your partner in order to pull them back and make things right.

It Can Tell You about Your Flaws in The Eyes of Your Partner

Reading text messages and checking WhatsApp conversations on your partner’s device will give you an understanding of what they really want from you, what is bothering them, what your better half really wants, and what truly makes your partner happy. Your partner may not feel comfortable sharing your flaws with you, but spy app definitely will. In other words, a spy app gives you a chance to overcome your flaws, thus keeping your spouse interested in you and comfortable in your presence.

You Can Confront Your Spouse’s Secret Lover

It would definitely be a good idea to confront the person who is trying to ruin your marriage. With spy app on your partner’s device, you can know who that secret lover is. Just check SMS/MMS, calls, emails, WhatsApp chat logs, contacts, pictures, videos, browsing history, etc. on your spouse’s device. It will give you a hint about that person. Go straight to that person and make it clear to them that you love your partner and you still want your marriage to work. If that person tries to deny that they are having an affair with your spouse, then show them the text messages and phone call details.

It may seem like a long shot, but using spy apps can actually prevent your marriage from falling apart. Just don’t give up.