iPhone Monitoring Apps: Are They Worth it?

You must have been coming across a lot of iPhone monitoring apps in recent times, with pretty much all of them touting capability of handling your concerns pertaining to kids’ online safety or employees’ use of digital privileges with utmost satisfaction. It’s hard to resist the strong pull of these tantalizing promises, but do the apps in question really have what it takes to deliver on them? Let’s find out.

Keep Kids Safe from Online Threats

Do you know allowing your kids to use internet in the privacy of their rooms involves a huge amount of risk. If you, like other traditional parents, think that your kids are safe as long as they are at home, then you are clearly mistaken and not updated on how the world around you has changed. Internet is the home of all sorts of threats, the most notable being cyberbullying, pornography and predators. Kids are hardly mature enough to understand the risks circling them, and rather than treading carefully, they end up getting carried away with the freedom available to them in cyberspace, thus letting their guard down. They leave themselves susceptible to cyberbullying, sneak into pornographic and other inappropriate websites, recklessly interact with strangers, and rarely think twice before sharing personal information with anyone who’s willing to listen. And the most alarming part is, all this happens right under your nose. At least with iPhone monitoring apps, you have a greater chance of detecting red flags and intervening in time to save your youngsters from getting themselves trapped into a really dangerous or complicated situation. It also lets you shield them from the unhealthy influence of the web. So as far as keeping kids safe in the digital age is concerned, iPhone monitoring apps are certainly worth it.

Monitor Employees’ Performance

Access to web-connected devices and internet provide employees with the perfect escape from work. As an employer, you can’t possibly ignore this problem as it has the potential to make your company bleed. If their priorities include texting, surfing the web, streaming videos online, having lengthy chat sessions, etc., then that’s bound to take its toll on their productivity and hence the operations and performance of the business. The only thing you can possibly do is to get help from an iPhone monitoring app. These apps make it extremely easy for you to keep an eye on how your employees are making use of their time during work hours, and whether they’re spending an unacceptable amount of time on their smartphones. All this adds up to give your employees just the push they need to give their 100 percent at work. As for the question of whether investing in digital monitoring tools for keeping tabs on employees’ iPhones is worth it or not, the answer is yes, it sure is worth it.

Track Location Through GPS

Monitoring kids and employees without using a monitoring app may be easy for you, but what about location tracking? Can you follow your kids or employees everywhere they go? Of course you can’t, which is why you have no option but to take their work for it. But what if they’re lying? Using an iPhone spy app to track the location of your employees or kids can really help. At least that way you’ll remain informed of their whereabouts round the clock and not find yourself getting tricked by them. Once again, it’s fair to say that iPhone monitoring apps are worth investing in.

4 iPhone Apps to Break Your Child’s Porn Addiction

A large number of children are getting addicted to porn nowadays, and the main reason behind it is an early and easy access to web-connected devices like iPhones. Being able to carry their mobile devices with them anywhere, including their rooms, gives them the perfect opportunity to sneak into the dark and shady corners of the web without getting caught. As parents, it’s your responsibility to discourage them from this. And you can easily do that with the help of iPhone monitoring apps, which are available in abundance online. In fact, there is so much variety on offer that it becomes difficult to decide which one to go for. To help you with the decision, we’ve picked some of the best monitoring apps for iPhone that can aid you in breaking your kids’ addiction to porn.


It is a great solution for keeping your kids away from porn as it allows you to keep tabs on their browsing history. You are able to see each and every website they visit on daily basis. If you see adult sites in their history, then you should intervene and explain to them how dangerous it can be for their health and future. Mobistealth also lets you view the multimedia files stored on kids’ iPhone, thus allowing you to know immediately if they’re downloading inappropriate stuff or receiving it from someone through different mediums.


mSpy also enables you to keep an eye on your kids’ browsing history, but it goes a step further by allowing you to block websites you deem inappropriate as well. So if your kids are visiting porn sites, you don’t necessarily have to confront them and make the situation awkward or tense. You can simply block the websites and let the matter rest there.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is used worldwide and is praised for its amazing features. This app gives you all the features you need to break your kids’ addiction to porn. First, there is an option that allows you to see their browsing history. Secondly, this app offers profanity alerts, which gives you an update whenever your youngsters search for something related to porn. Finally, there is YouTube monitoring that helps you see each and every video your kids watch on the popular video-sharing platform. If you are really worried about your kids being addicted to porn, then you should seek help from Mobile Spy.


If any of the aforementioned apps don’t do the trick for you, then you can consider giving FlexiSPY a try. It can help you see what websites your children are visiting. Furthermore, it allows you to keep an eye on the pictures and videos that are saved on their phone. If they have adult content in their phone, and their browsing history is clean, then it is pretty evident that they’re involved with a bad company of friends who are sending them inappropriate stuff. This is where you will need to intervene and let your kids know how toxic such friendships can be, and how porn and toxic friends can potentially do irreversible harm.

Stop Leakage of Sensitive Company Information using Spy Apps

Data leakage is amongst the major threats faced by organizations these days. Unfortunately, there is no specific way to fully avoid this issue, as most of the times it is the inner person, someone from the management or employees, who is involved in data leakage. But the good thing is that you can ensure data loss prevention by using spy apps so that you can know that your private data is safe. Here is how to use these apps to get maximum advantage.

Monitor Email Exchange

Employees frequently use emails for sending sensitive information to unauthorized parties, so make sure every mail sent and received by all employees pass by your eyes. Read the mail body and search for any indirect message given such as use of certain keywords relevant to your upcoming product, social security numbers of employees, etc. Also check the email address of receiver along with the time of sending emails. If you observe an excessive exchange of email between any of your employees and any unknown person, then look after the issue in detail.

Check Picture and Video Logs

Some employees take images of important documents like project proposals, company financials, employee sensitive information, etc. and send them to competitors or other unauthorized people. They also share videos on company’s upcoming products, its pricing strategy, operations, etc., causing heavy losses to the company. Some of these employees may be corporate spies sent by the competitors just to steal your sensitive information in order to use it against you. So you must check picture and video logs on regular basis in order to make sure your company’s private information such as its pricing details, upcoming products, current projects etc. remain safe.

Monitor Browsing History

It is also important to check the browsing history of employees to make sure they are not visiting websites which can help them in bypassing corporate controls or leaking company information. If employees are using FTP sites or peer-to-peer file sharing tools, then it means there is something wrong. A good spy app saves the browsing history even if the employee has cleared it from his device.

Scan Messages

Messages are also widely used for sharing private data, so in addition to emails, you should scan every single message sent and received on all the company-owned devices. Majority of the spy apps keep track of messages along with their content and details of sender and receiver, letting you know who the culprit is.

Installing a spy app is not the solution. You should monitor the reports generated by these apps on daily basis to be able to respond to any issue in a timely manner.

Spying Apps Can Save Your Kid’s Life

Spying is a word that is never taken in a positive sense, but when it comes to your kids, this one word can prove to be their guardian angel. There are different Android and iPhone Spy apps that you can install on your kids’ mobile phones and then you can monitor every activity being performed by them. You might be thinking that snooping on kids is wrong, which it actually is. However, in modern times, it has become more of a necessity. Spying apps have a lot of advantages, some of which we have discussed below.

Block Adult Content

Children are given a cell phone at a very young age, which doesn’t work in their favor as they are drawn to the bad side of the internet, courtesy of freedom, privacy, and internet privileges. This can lead to a whole lot of problems which they and probably you yourself may have to then deal with your whole life. However, if you have a spy app installed on your kids’ mobile phone, then this issue can be gotten rid of rather easily.

Bad Company

Kids can get involved with all sorts of people when they first leave their homes. However, with the help of spy apps, you can keep check on their conversations and if they are talking to people who feel can pose them harm, you can swiftly deal with them. If this problem is not addressed in time, it will grow and eventually your kids will also start to behave like the company they got involved with.

Location Tracking

One of the handiest features available in most of the spy apps is location tracking. With the help of this feature, you will always be able to know where your kids are. This is extremely helpful feature that can actually help you save your kids’ lives. If your kids are lost or if they lost their mobile phones, you can easily track them through this feature.

Safe Search

Whenever a keyword is typed into a search engine, results pertaining to the searched item show up. This can contain stuff that might not be suitable for kids. Once again, spy app can prove really helpful as it will block all searches that contain adult content. So even if your children search for something inappropriate, no adult content will be shown to them. By limiting your child’s web searching, you can effectively keep them safe from negative influence and risky temptations.

Call and SMS Logging

With the help of spy apps, you will also be able to keep tabs on all SMS and calls of your children. This sure does qualify as invasion of privacy, but at a young age, it’s a necessity. It may seem like a lot of work, but you have to consider what’s at stake here. Kids are impulsive and will dive into something that might not end well for them. This invasion of privacy can help you in a lot of different ways, including saving your children’s lives.

9 Controversial iPhone Apps

Smartphones and androids changed the way we communicate with each and packed an entire computer system into a compact device that can easily fit in our pockets. The growing mobile phone market has also breathed life into the app development market. Some apps survive the test of time while others drift into oblivion. There are reasons why some apps fail to make an impact in the technology market and drifts into oblivion.

Following is a list of 10 most controversial apps that were developed for iPhone.

Phone Story

Apple found itself in hot water when it banned this app from its App Store because it was harming the way Apple was projecting itself in the international market. The app showed the conditions of workers in underdeveloped countries that produced materials for iPhones. In an attempt to save its reputation, Apple censored this app in 2011, only within four days of its release.

Ghetto Tweets

This app took messages from the user’s Twitter account, ran through a text filter and converted the entire message into urban language. As a result, most of the conversions turned out to be offensive and racist. Apple dropped this app in 2009.

Baby Shaker

This app was introduced to the App Store in 2009 and was hit by harsh criticism at the onset. The program, developed by Sikalosoft, was dubbed as outdated for the present times. It displayed illustrations of a baby and played loud crying noises. To quite things down, the user was required to shake his/her iPhone to calm the baby down and the crying would stop when two red Xs appeared over the baby’s eyes. This app was criticized because a large number of babies die or gets injured every year from parents shaking them inappropriately.

Me So Holy

The controversy surrounding this app emerged from the religious sentiments of certain pressure groups. The app was created by a programmer called Benjamin Kahle and it allowed users to superimpose photographs of their faces onto Jesus Christ’s body. Users could also upload the image to their Facebook accounts. Shortly after the app was released, Apple decided to take it down in 2009 citing “objectionable material” as the main reason.

Girls Around Me

The introduction of geolocation-based dating services ushered in a new era of finding companionship online. Taking this concept to a new level of weird, some Russian developers released Girls Around Me in 2012. This app used the Foursquare API to locate female users in your area and display their location on a map. This enabled users to find suitable women around them while being simultaneously connected to their Facebook profiles. This app was identified as creepy at best and Apple was quick to drop it.

Mr. Checkpoint

Sennet Devermont, the creator of this app was arrested for driving under influence in 2011 and the incident inspired him to create software that would help people avoid sobriety checkpoints. Mr. Checkpoint managed to draw in criticism from the police department which said that it was placing hurdles in their duty.

Though Apple banned DUI checkpoint apps in 2011, Mr. Checkpoint is still available on iOS because the app is marketed as providing the public with official checkpoint information, safety messages and a directory in case someone needs help.

Samaritans Radar

The intention behind this app was good, but the execution let down the app developers big time. The app was released by a British suicide prevention charity in 2014 and it monitored Twitter feeds that you sent it and looked for words that might indicate severe depression or thoughts of committing suicide. Users received an alert after the process was completed. This app was pulled down by Apple because it touched the issue of public right to privacy.

Jew Or Not Jew?

The app was released in 2011 when Europe was riding a growing tide of anti-Semitism. The software contained a large database of celebrities and other renowned people. Users could type in a name to see whether a person was a Jew or belonged to another race. The app was dropped from the App Store after anti-racism groups came out in protest.

Door Of Hope

The app was released in 2013 by the Setting Captives Free ministry and claimed that it could make a gay person straight in 60 days. Apple had no option but to pull down this app from the App Store, setting aside the debate whether gay people could be cured or not.