How to Keep Your Children Safe from Online Threats on an iPhone

With the likes of iPhone becoming extremely popular among kids, it is becoming increasingly common to find kids freely surfing the web. Internet has almost become their second home, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since there is so much they can learn of it. However, along with the good, internet has brought some bad as well, and one of the biggest problems it has created is online threats for children. These threats are well documented over the web, and their ability to scar kids for life is no secret either. This of course is not something you want your kids to go through. This is why it is advised that you seek help from iPhone spy apps. These tools can help keep your kids stay safe from several internet threats, a few of which have been outlined below.

Online Predators

The biggest threat kids face while on the internet is of online predators. They lurk online and are always on the hunt for gullible young targets. Unaware and hence unprepared, kids find themselves trapped by them and are unable to do anything about it. You as a parent certainly don’t want it to happen to your children, which is why it is advised that you seek help from a spy app. It enables you to see who your kids are talking to and what kind of stuff they are talking about. If you see your child talking to what even remotely seems like a sexual predator, then intervene right away and do whatever is necessary to save your child.

Porn Addiction

Another huge problem that kids can succumb to on internet is porn. Kids are curious about sex, which leads to searching for such content, and what they eventually find is in no way crafted for them. Some children take it as a lesson and stay away from porn. However, some of them get addicted and keep watching pornographic content day in and day out. This excessive viewing leads to porn addiction. iPhone monitoring apps can help you here as well. They allow you to see detailed browsing history of your kids and thus let you know if they’ve been sneaking into inappropriate areas on the web. They will surely understand and are more than likely to lay off adult content in the near future.


Sexting has become a trend these days, especially among youngsters. They exchange explicit, often sexual in nature, messages and photos with each other, mostly a member of the opposite gender, while seeking appreciation or attraction. This trend seems to have really taken off. If you don’t want your kid to go down this route, then once again, it is recommended that you seek help from a spy app. It will allow you to see all the sent and received messages, even the ones that are sent through social networking platforms like WhatsApp, LINE, Kik, Skype, Viber, etc. Sexting is not a healthy habit and can cause several problems for your kids. So a safe bet here is to keep them off it, and the only reliable way to ensure that is by keeping tabs on their mobile communications through the help of iPhone monitoring apps.

How to Easily Spy on Your Child’s iPhone Communications

Kids aren’t fond of parents prying into their personal lives, which includes their digital lives as well. However, giving them the privacy they crave is not something that you can afford considering the risk of them putting their safety in danger or engaging in inappropriate interactions. If your youngsters happen to be using an iPhone, then you’re in luck because we’ve short-listed 3 powerful iPhone spy apps that can help you keep an eye on their digital communications with ease.


Teens do not like the idea of sharing their text messages and WhatsApp chat with their parents because they consider their privacy sacred. Do not expect them to understand your concern because in their eyes, they are mature enough to realize the risks and smart enough to avoid them. The best thing for you to do is to install Mobistealth on their iPhone. With this spy app installed on their device, you can remotely view all the messages they exchange over SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Skype, LINE, Kik, and Viber. It even lets you view their email exchange in case they’re using that medium to communicate with someone. Aside from that, the app gives you access to the call details, including the phone numbers and timestamp of incoming and outgoing calls. One of the best things about Mobistealth is that it even has a version that works perfectly well on non-jailbroken iPhone, thus making it a safe option for those looking to keep their Apple warranty intact. Of course, Mobistealth is capable of doing far more than just letting you spy on iPhone communications.


It is yet another impressive spying app that is perfectly tailored to monitor the iPhone communications of kids. It not only saves the text messages, but also keeps a record of chat conversations of almost all popular chat apps, including Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, and Telegram. mSpy is easy to install and has a user-friendly interface, making it pretty for the parents to keep an eye on their kids’ communication.


Spyera lets you spy on almost all iPhone communication channels that your kids may use to interact with their friends. It keeps a record of all incoming and outgoing text messages, even if your kid immediately deletes them from their iPhone. Spyera can not only spy on WhatsApp conversations, but also retrieve chat conversations from Facebook, Skype, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, and Snapchat. Its manufacturer claims that it is the only 100% undetectable spying app currently available in the market.

You may feel guilty spying on your kids’ communications, but this is something you are doing for their own safety. Your intentions are good so there is absolutely nothing for you to feel guilty about.

How Spying Tech Can Help You Catch a Cheating Husband

If you think that your partner is being unfaithful to you, then you must start searching for the truth as the longer you ignore this situation, the more painful it will get. Once you’ve mustered the courage to do what’s necessary, look for reputable iPhone spy app and sneak it into your husband’s phone to get started. From here on, you’ll be able to easily confirm your suspicion by doing the following.

Check His Message and Call History

Messages and call history can tell you the whole story, but only if they are not being deleted from the iPhone, as cheating husbands usually delete their call and message history more frequently in order to avoid getting caught. If your partner has suddenly started keeping a password on his iPhone and he avoids handing it over to you, then it is yet another signal that something is wrong. It becomes difficult to snoop on your partner’s device every now and then, so it is best to install an iPhone spy app on his device. This will allow you to keep an eye on his outgoing and incoming text messages, call logs, WhatsApp conversation, and much more.

Go Through his Emails and Social Media Account

Emails and social media accounts are also popular platforms for keeping in touch, so you must not forget to check your spouse’s social media account and his emails. Check his mail’s inbox and also sent folder. People who are guilty of something usually delete the emails immediately after reading them, not only from their inbox folder, but also from their trash folder. In the same way, your spouse would never let you see his social media account if he is hiding something from you.

Track His Location

Follow him around for at least a week in order to make sure he is not lying to you about his location. The best way to do that is by installing an iPhone tracker on his device. Try finding an app that pinpoints the exact location even if the device GPS is disabled. If your partner is visiting a club, a hotel, a park, or any other place too often for no apparent reason, then chances are he is up to no good.

Look for Changes in His Behavior

Do not just rely on the text messages and call logs. Also look for other signs. Here are a few signs that clearly indicate that there is another woman in your husband’s life.

  • He has become overly secretive lately
  • He has started spending more time away from home
  • He is starting to lose interest in you
  • He has become more conscious than usual about his appearance
  • He does not admire and adore you the way he used to
  • He gets upsets or angry over little things

Do keep in mind that these are just indications and do not necessarily mean that your husband is in fact guilty of infidelity. After making an effort to learn the truth on your own, it’s best to confront him. Don’t tell him about the spying app though, as that could put you in legal trouble.

How to know if Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

If you’ve got a girlfriend and are worried that she might be cheating on you, then instead of asking her without any proof, you should first confirm your suspicion. However, it is easier said than done, which is why we have outlined some ways that will allow you to know whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not.

Monitoring Apps

You still have your doubts at the moment, which means that your girlfriend could or could not be cheating on you. If you ask her about it straight away, she might lash out on you, and even if she wasn’t cheating, she’d end the relationship. However, there’s no need to make this mistake as you can just seek help from spying apps which are available in abundance. Apps in this category allow you to keep check on almost all digital activity of your significant other. You’ll be able to monitor their calls, SMS, Skype, WhatsApp, emails, pictures, videos, whereabouts, and so much more. Now that you have an eye on your girlfriend’s conversations, you’ll be able to see whether she’s cheating on you or not. If she is indeed cheating on you, then you will have proof of it, and if she isn’t, you’ll be able to get that thing out of your life without much of a problem.

Notice Actions

Actions speak louder than words. You can say a lot of different things, but it is what you do that defines you. Same is the case in this scenario. If you think that your girlfriend is cheating on you, then you should start observing her actions more closely. If she acts distant, doesn’t really care about what you’re doing or saying, doesn’t really care about where you’ve been, tries to keep things secret, doesn’t share her daily activities, is always busy, doesn’t tell you where she is, and stays unreachable for longer periods of time, then the likelihood is that she’s cheating on you.

Gather Evidence

Actions can give you a pretty good idea of what’s going on, but just to be sure, you have to gather evidence. As important as it is to gather tangible evidence, you’ve got to be careful about each step you take because anything you might say or do can be used against you. Go through her messages, look for anything in her bag, follow her, arrive home without telling her, keep changing your schedule, ask about her day, ask what’s she doing nowadays, and most importantly, follow your gut feeling. The relationships are very important so be careful about whatever action you decide to take. If you do blame her without evidence, you would certainly be killing the relationship regardless of whether you were right or wrong.

How to Handle Excessive Employee Texting at Workplace

An excessive use of iPhone and Android for calling and texting at workplace has cause serious concerns for employers who consider these activities a waste of time and distraction from work. Researchers have also jumped in by revealing the negative outcomes business has to face just due to excessive employee texting. If your business growth is declining, or your employees are showing lower levels of productivity, then it’s time to take things in your own hand. Try these measures to resolve this issue once and for all.

Get Your Hands on Spying Technology

Get your hands on spying technology before it’s too late, as every minute counts. There are a large number of spying tools specially designed for observing the digital behavior of employees. Due to the nature of your issue, text message spy app is the best choice for you. These apps, as the name implies, sneak into the message box of device smartphones and start saving all the text messages sent and received on targeted device. You can get access to these messages on your laptop or mobile anytime you want.

Develop Strategies and Share Consequences

Let employees know that you pay them for working and not for texting. Call your human resource manager and develop a strategy against employee texting. There are a lot of things you can do such as restricting the employees to text during lunch time only, or going outside the office for using smartphone. Obviously, employees won’t be able to go outside the office for sending or reading every text. Send an email to all the employees sharing the new strategy. Do not forget to mention the consequences of going violating the new rules. You may set a minimal fine on using cell phone. The money collected through these fines can be used for having a get-together or a small party at office at the end of each month. Continued violations could be dealt with through warning emails, and eventually firing.

Keep Employees Engaged

Frequent texting at workplace is not solely employees’ fault. You are also the one to blame, as you failed to get maximum output from them. It is your responsibility to assign job tasks according to the skills and experience of every employee. If an employee completes all his work before lunch or two hours before closing, then you may increase his job responsibilities to keep him engaged, otherwise he will look for other activities like calling and texting to kill time. You may call the employee in your office, and politely tell him that you have found a solution to his boredom. If he is smart, then he will understand what you are talking about. Assign him a new project or ask him to help any other employee who has extra workload or is facing difficulty in meeting the deadlines. Keep employees busy so that they do not get time for texting.