iPhone Spy Apps and their Usage

As saying goes, ‘curiosity kills the cat,’ the same is the case with humans. When they see anything that is not expected, they get tensed. For example, you see your wife involvement in any other guy you get jealous and want to see the reality. For keeping an eye on your wife you want a spy software. Mobile spy announced its availability for famous commercial spy software for iPhone. This iPhone spy works with all the Apple iPhone even the latest 4S. iPhone Spy App allows you to monitor an iPhone easily.

The other well known iPhone spy is Flexispy. It is available in four versions, PRO-X, PRO, LIGHT, and BASIC. The method of installation of these iPhone spy app is very easy. You just have to buy iPhone Spy software and install it in the target phone. Details of the activities on the iPhone will be uploaded to your personal account through iPhone Spy. It is completely undetectable and the monitored person will never get an idea of its installation in his/her mobile.

Main Features of iPhone Spy App

Call Logs:

All the incoming and outgoing calls data will be uploaded to your personal account with timings by iPhone Spy App. Even the call duration can also be seen.

Text Messages:

Read the content of all the incoming and outgoing messages via iPhone Spy App. Messages will log to your personal account as they are made. Even if the targeted person deletes the text, you will be able to read them.

GPS Location:

GPS location will help you to see the exact location of the iPhone after very 30minutes. iPhone Spy App bundled with GPS location as well. Even Mobistealth provides location without GPS, Isn’t amazing?


Every contact on the phone book will be seen by you. New contact that is added in the iPhone will be logged to your personal account through iPhone Spy software.


Emails that are sent and received will be seen via iPhone Spy App by you. All the email activity will be under your eye.

Browsing History:

The websites that are visited by the target iPhone will be logged to your personal account through iPhone Spy.  You can revisit them anytime.

Photo and Video Logs:

The photos that are taken by the iPhone or the videos that are made will be seen by you. Even the photos that are shared by any other person will be viewable by you.


All the bookmarks that are made in the iPhone will be recorded to your account through iPhone Spy app.

Spy Call:

This is a very interesting feature. By this you can hear the live calls made by the iPhone. You can also hear the surrounding sounds. For making spy call you are supposed to send a spy message to the target phone. This feature helps you a lot in seeing what actually in going on the other side.

Mobistealth is better than Flexispy and Flexispy is superior to Mobile spy as it is providing full remote control capability and an ability to uninstall the software remotely simply by sending an SMS command. Mobistealth is only iPhone Spy app which is compatible with the latest version of ios 4.2.1.

Let’s buy iPhone Spy App!!!

Currently there are 3 most trusted iPhone spy app vendors are competing in market and they are almost offering same kind of features but price range is different. We are offering you the best choice for you.


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iPhone 5 Skin

Why You Should Invest in an iPhone 5 Skin

Just got a new iPhone 5? I'm sure the first thing on your mind is keeping it pristine. But have you thought about how you can truly make your new phone yours? How do you keep it recognizable as an iPhone, but give it a little bit of your own personal style? Here's how you can personalize and protect your new phone: exclusive skins made of superior grade, Official 3M Vinyl.

These skins are cut to fit so closely that not even a millimeter of your device will go uncovered. The premium vinyl iPhone 5 skins come in three true to life textures, includingleather, and carbon fiber and brushed titanium. Carbon fiber comes in three beautiful colors: black, white, and an exclusive Ferrari red, titanium is available in both a dark and a lighter finish and leather comes in white and black finishes. The texture on each of these skins will make you forget you're not holding the real thing!

In addition, there is the True Color series to give an option for bright, straight out of the crayon box colours, including red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. These skins have a powder-coated finish dyed right in at the factory ensuring full colour for the life of your iPhone 5 skin. This colour won't fade or scratch.

Last, but certainly not least, is the wood skin. This was designed to give your iPhone the look of exquisite finished mahogany wood. This skin is matte, with tiny hollows running the length of the skin, mimicking the texture of real wood (without the splinters!). Each and every one of these skins is unique. So you'll never see someone with the exact wood finish as you!

iPhone 5 skins are a combination of both beauty and function. In addition to being great looking, they are also able to protect your device. These skins are rated for 5 years of outdoor weather resistance. This protection allows you to clean the skin with a damp cloth if it ever gets dirty. Another great thing about this superior 3M vinyl is that it is extremely resistant to daily use and scratches. The texture you choose will stay the same until you decide to take it off. And when you do take it off, the skins are designed not to leave any sticky residue on your phone. You can change your skin whenever you want, with no damage to your iPhone!

Author Bio:

Justin Parklawn blogs about the technology industry and has a keen interest in where to find the best protection for the latest smartphones. If you are looking for the boss of vinyl skins, including the new gold iPhone 5s skins, Justin highly recommends you check out what dbrandinc.com has to offer.

Mobistealth Data Backup for iPhone 5

data backup iphone 5 by mobistealthMobistealth already has an avid service for all smartphones but its recent product has been in variation to this year’s most awaited gadget. Mobistealth brings you its Data Backup feature of iPhone 5 and so Apple users awaiting delivery for their iPhone 5 don’t need to wait for backup applications as well, they’ll get them as soon as their phones are handed over to them.

Text Backup

The application supports many features. The first basic thing it does is backing up your phone's incoming and outgoing text messages. You won’t have to worry about your iPhone crashing or getting stolen and if that does happen your data will be totally secure. Every phone's text messages contain vital information that is extremely private. In case something happens to your phone you won’t have to freak out over your lost threads and talks with friends. Apart from this when you get a new iPhone you can easily restore your information back and get back all that you’ve lost.

Incoming and Outgoing Calls Backup

Once this is done the Data Backup feature then makes sure that all your iPhone 5’s calls, both incoming and outgoing are secured and backed up. Call logs are important and you need to record who calls you and at what time. In case you’re a business manager, employee or even entrepreneur you would have tens of important numbers in your call logs that you didn’t pick up or forgot to save. If your phone does get lost then you won’t have to fret over your lost calls and hence will be perfectly safe and easy to restore.

Contacts & Address Book Backup

The most important aspect of any phone is the contact details and address book. Most phones store hundreds of contacts in the phone and even if one of them is lost there is a huge problem that takes place. With respect to the iPhone 5 if you have your phone and are scared that you could be a victim of mugging or phone crashing then the best thing for you is to download the Mobistealth Data Backup App. This application could help you from losing your important contacts and therefore cause you to refrain from big problems.

Web History & Bookmarks Backup

Mobistealth also gives you another feature with respect to the Data Backup application. iPhone users now will have the freedom to save their internet history and also bookmarks. If you’ve browsed the internet and bookmarked your favorite pages and links and need to hang on to them then you know the importance of those links and therefore the application gives you pure security with respect to your favorites.

With the help of the application you as an iPhone 5 user won’t have to worry about the security of your mobile. You will have pure guard against your text messages, contact details and call logs. You don’t have to worry about your phone getting stolen or it breaking, now you have clear guard against every specific problem.

iPhone Spy App for iPhone 5

iphone 5 spy app
“Mirror Mirror on the wall, tell me what’s true, don’t lie at all”.
Fairytales and castles have always intrigued us and so has the magic mirror that told the truth about beauty. As time passes and technology take over the world the previous mirror on the wall has now been replaced to something more spectacular; the iPhone spy application.
As humans we are born with an innate need of curiosity and again as humans we try in every way possible to quench the thirst of curiosity but at times we failed, although now that won’t be true. As people wait for the new iPhone 5 to be launched, iPhone spy has invested in bringing the new software up to date and making it compatible with the new iPhone 5. So if you’re worried about waiting for iPhone spy to update after the launch of the new Iphone, you’re wrong. You’ll have it in your hands as soon as your partner gets the iPhone 5 in his/her hands.
iPhone spy application for iPhone 5 is an advantage for nearly every situation. We’re all stuck in dilemmas, at the workplace or in our personal relationships. Everywhere we see there’s always something going on and again as humans we try to find out the depth behind the problem. Your wife is being distant? Your employee is acting strange? Your teen is always crying? Don’t ponder around these problems anymore, take action and unveil the real truth behind these with the iPhone spy application for iPhone 5.
iPhone spy app for iPhone 5 will make the iPhone 5 into a perfect spy application, lets leave the CIA and FBI, you can turn into an investigator and find out the truth with this applications expertise. Go through the iphone user’s call logs to find out who they talk to? Do you find your partner talking to someone in the other room? Or leave the room at night to answer their calls and when you go through their phone it seems empty? Don’t be disheartened anymore the iPhone spy application will help you all the way. It will give you each and every detail of the call, the number the call was received or dialed and the duration you’d be able to find everything about your partner.
Text messages and contacts won’t even be problem. The easiest method of communication between users nowadays is through text messaging and with iPhone spy application for iPhone 5 you wont have to worry about who your partner is texting with. You’dd get all the content and incoming and outgoing messages so take a peek and find out what your partner is doing.
The iPhone monitoring software will be perfectly synchronized with the internet EDGE connection. Whatever emails or websites your partner views will be perfectly accessible to you at all times. If they’re emailing someone or inboxing a random stranger on Facebook then don’t worry, you’ll be able to keep a tab on all their messages and emails, so check them even before they get their hands on them.
You don’t need to worry about knowing your partners password or rushing through their text messages while they’re out of the room. With iPhone spy application you’d be able to keep a check on them 24/7, and in peace. Use this application to your advantage, if there’s something you want to know, don’t pick up a binoculars and a map, pick up the easily available iPhone spy application that’s now available for iPhone 5, and investigate your heart away, curiosity won’t definitely kill this cat.

Stop Your child’s texting addiction with the iPhone Spy

The iPhone Spy is designed in a manner that will help you gather information about your child’s texting behavior and assist in stopping your child’s texting addiction. The amount of texting your child is doing along with what he/she’s talking about can be seen easily and the app performs its duty like a spy- discretely. The application is installed just as any other app is onto the target iPhone and has no visible icon on the phones interface and your child tracing the application is out of the question. iPhone Spy functions on jail broken iPhone’s and does its job very well, providing critical information to parents that may want to know more about what keeps their child texting.

iPhone SpyOnce the iPhone Spy is installed it quietly functions in the background taking note of all incoming and outgoing texts, it records time signatures of every text making a log that provides information of what time any given text message was sent or received. iPhone Spy goes a step further and even keeps track of who the text is being sent to this way you know who your child is texting. There’s no stopping yet, the iPhone Spy even records the actual text, it keeps an exact copy of the text that was sent to any person from the phone that the app is running on giving you complete knowledge of what the text contains and one text at a time you are able to build up and view an entire text conversation. This makes the iPhone Spy a thorough filtration system keeping a check on every aspect of texting that’s happening on the phone from sender to receiver to content. The iPhone Spy also eliminates the possibility of hidden or deleted texts that you might not see when physically examining the iPhone, as every text is logged, even if the message is deleted you can still view it.

With the iPhone Spy installed, parents will know who their child is texting, when they are communicating and what exactly the purpose of these texts is. Further more incoming texts receive the same treatment so text-marketing that may lead the child to make bad decisions for him or herself can also be uprooted and also gives an insight as to why the child wants some specific product or service.

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Track your kids in the crowd with the iPhone Spy

iPhone SpyThere are many times where the hustle bustle of shopping, greeting and meeting up is enough to weigh anyone’s schedule down. You may have your parties to socialize at but so do your kids, how do you make sure that they’re safe? Simple, with the iPhone Spy. Around the holiday season every single person has a huge list of things to do and people to meet. You don’t have the same time or energy that you typically would to watch over your offspring.

The iPhone spy has the GPS tracker which lets you find your child no matter where s/he is or who s/he is with. You can use it to make sure you know where your children are at all times, even when you’re stuck shopping. The GPS tracker on the iPhone spy allows the installer to get updates in as little as 8 minute intervals meaning if you’re planning on being gone for hours you don’t need to worry or become frantic trying to find where your kids went. It’s the holiday season, don’t expect them to stay glued to their rooms, but don’t push your blood pressure with your constant worrying either.

In case the GPS connection fails to work you don’t have to worry because the iPhone Spy will continue to work. This is possible because of the many Wi-Fi links that are available to the iPhone spy. Even if it can’t find a strong enough Wi-Fi connection the iPhone spy continues to work through satellite links that it comes across. Rest assures that at no point during your time out and about will you be unaware of where your children are. There are all seasons to be jolly, not the season to be bogged down with worries. It’s the one time people can take a real break and enjoy themselves and nothing should come in the way of that – not even dotting over your kids. Parents have been using the iPhone Spy for a number of different reasons for a while now. Tracking isn’t the only thing it can do; the iPhone spy helps parents monitor their children completely. One’s child is more important than anything else in the world and the iPhone spy is an effective stealth tool to make sure they remain safe.

May you stay happy, healthy and smile. Start everyday with your kids with good vibes and some sunshine.


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Does your teen text while driving? Use iPhone spy app

Worried that your inexperienced teen might be risking his life by texting while driving? The iPhone spy app is just what you need to make sure that your teenage child isn’t defying the rules, and driving safely. What makes it possible for parents to find out whether or not their teens are playing with their lives and the lives of others on the road are the GPS tracking and SMS text message logging features of the iPhone spy app.

Avoid texting while drivingAccording to statistical reports, texting while driving poses a greater threat to the driver because there’s no telling when they can crash; this danger is rated higher than that faced by people who drink and drive. It is important for parents to know if their teen is one of the rebellious and adventurous ones in the early years of licensure and they can use the iPhone spy app to find out. Parents can restrict their teens from driving the car until and unless they pledge that they will not be doing so in the future. If these measures are not taken by the parents using the iPhone monitoring software app or otherwise, the rate of car crashes because of the use of cell phone by inexperienced drivers will continue to increase.

iPhone spy app is very easy to install and operate. Parents can install the app in the iPhone of their teen by connecting it to the internet. Then, the updates can be received by the parents on their cell phone as well as their computer, having internet access. The features of iPhone spy app that are particularly useful in figuring out the driving attitude of the teen are the GPS tracking and SMS text message logging.  Having these features the application also behaves as iPhone Tracking Apps. Every time the teen takes the car, parents can constantly monitor if the teen is using the cell phone for texting. Furthermore, GPS tracking can be used to monitor the movement of the teen. Therefore, if the GPS tracking shows that he is driving, meanwhile the updates are received with regard to the sent and received SMS text messages on the phone. It becomes evident that the teen is violating the rule of not using the cell phone while driving.

It is essential that parents monitor the new drivers (their teenage children) in the house with iPhone spy app, since there are not only high chances of them running the right light, but also putting their lives at risk. Read the other features of this tremendous application. You should also check the supported iPhone Page for the compatibility

Looking For the Best iPhone Monitoring Software App?

Check list for the best iPhone Monitoring Software App

Anyone in the market for an effective iPhone Monitoring Software App can easily get boggled by the many options that are available online. What’s someone supposed to do when everywhere they look they are bombarded with flashy ads and glitzy features, none of which they understand? Well for starters the best thing to do is make up a check list of exactly what you want out of your iPhone Monitoring Software App. Different iPhone Monitoring Apps have been introduced and each company touts its own set of features that can serve you best, but you can only pick the right app if you know exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

The conversation continues… iPhone Monitoring Software App

What are you planning on listening to? Ask yourself that question first. Any half decent iPhone Monitoring Software App should be able to track all contacts from your target user’s phone. The iPhone Monitoring Software App should also be able to record all incoming and going calls i.e. who called, when and for how long and vice versa. In addition to which it should also be able to grant you access to records of text messages exchanged from the target phone to everyone else. And for a complete picture of every single person your target user ever talks to the iPhone Monitoring Software App should also be able to record all emails coming to, and going from the target phone. You can hang on to every word they say with the iPhone Spy App.

iPhone Monitoring Software App

Picture Perfect

The most effective iPhone Monitoring Software App will allow you to take a look at each picture that your target user takes. This feature interests parents and people in relationships because they’re always wondering if the pictures in their target user’s phone are the only ones they ever took. Think of what you need and how the iPhone Spy can help. You could need access to someone’s videos, on top of having access to all their picture – only the most superior iPhone Monitoring App will be able to deliver both to you.

Mapping their presence

iPhone Monitoring Apps that are truly worth your hard earned greens should be able to help you track your target user – with or without GPS. Go through the Features list of the iPhone Monitoring Software to ensure that it can adequately assist you in tracking your target user. If only knowing where someone is isn’t enough and you want to know where they are as well then you can always make use of the spy call feature which allows you to record or listen to someone’s surrounding live.


Find out the features of the Best iPhone Monitoring Software App 


Hitting a cheater where it hurts – use the iPhone Spy Software

Broken Heart shaped roseNews stories popping out of court rooms dealing with divorce cases are painting a very interesting picture of how relationships are changing. The iPhone Spy Software has of late become the substitute for tears, emotional drainage, an expensive private detective and an even more expensive lawyer. People from all over the world are now using the iPhone Spy Software to keep a check on their spouses – the iPhone Spy Software collects evidence of any cheater’s misdeeds from the backseat of their own iPhone.

iPhone Spy Software Is Here!

The iPhone Spy Software sits in the background of your target user’s phone and collects all of their communicatory data. This data is then made available online for the installer to take a look at. Emails, text messages, call logs – all are transmitted to the online account where they can be checked by the installer. The records contain precise details as to who the sender was, when the call/email/text came to the phone. The same is true for any calls/text/emails that were sent from the phone as well.

In some instances cheaters have been cornered because of the pictures they take, or the videos they make. While they may think they’re smarter than Einstein when they delete all sensitive material from their iPhone, what they don’t know is that the iPhone Spy takes only a few moments to transmit all data to the installers account. Pictures and videos, even if they are deleted, eventually make their way to their watchful spouse because of the iPhone Spy App. So business trips are revealed to be intimate dates and late nights at work become evident for what they truly are. And if the installer wants more detail he/she can always make use of the spy call to listen to all the lies, fake promises and romantic lines their useless significant other is dishing out for someone else. What the iPhone Spy Software’s spy call does accept the installer’s call secretly and let them record or listen to the target user’s surrounding.

People who are used to cheating come up with elaborate lies and plans to ensure that they are not caught. That is one of the main reason that people invest in the iPhone Spy Software. For instance, a cheater may claim to be going out for some groceries and end up at a motel – the tracking system in the iPhone Spy Software lets the installer know exactly which motel their spouse supposedly went to while looking for groceries. Since it is an effective tool for keeping an eye on someone the tracker continues to work no matter what. If the GPS fails then the iPhone Spy Software makes use of Wi-Fi and satellite signals to get the job done.

Look into the features of the iPhone Spy Software before buying it.

iPhone Tracking App – How to Track an iPhone

Tailing made easy with the iPhone Tracking App

We hear the term tailing and the first thing that pops into our head is the image of a speeding sports car following another speeding luxury car. The reality is that the iPhone Tracking App has removed the need to put the pedal to the metal. The iPhone Tracking App tails your target user while it sits in their pocket. Sure, you’ll lose your fantasy of chasing someone down the freeway with the wind in your hair but rest assured the iPhone Tracking App does it better than you do – and it does it without the target user ever finding out that someone is following them.


GPS-iphone-trackingThe iPhone Tracking App is extremely user friendly; there are no complicated codes or coordinates that will weigh you down. The iPhone Spy App simply plots the location of your target user on a map and presents it to you through your online account. You can check where the target user has been, where they are and even take a wild guess as to where they may be going next. The iPhone Spy basically functions through the iPhone’s GPS connection, however, in times where the GPS fails or stops working properly the iPhone Tracking App quietly switching to finding satellite or Wi-Fi connections which can help it help you find your target user.


The frequency of the location updates is entirely up to you. You could choose to track your target user with as little as an eight minute interval, or track them every hour. Your preferences are recorded by the iPhone Tracking App and it dutifully reports back to you within your specified time frame.  The iPhone Tracking App has made it possible for people to take real action and stay informed instead of waiting around and wondering what happened to their target users. It can be used by numerous people including parents, employers and spouses to keep an eye on what matters to them the most.

The most interesting thing to note is the substantial reduction in cost when you choose the iPhone Tracking App, to track your target user, over any other method. The iPhone Tracking App will only set you back a mere $39.99, and you can follow your target user around all day, without moving an inch. We can’t all be James Bond you know; for the smarter ones amongst us the iPhone Tracking App does the trick better than any super spy can.


Find out the features of this iPhone Tracking App

iPhone Spy App- How Does it Work?

how iphone spy app worksCreated as one of the most efficient stealth surveillance devices, the iPhone Spy App allows a person to gain access to even the most private parts of their target user’s cellular communication. The iPhone Spy App can be installed within a few minutes on any jail broken iPhone. While the installer knows that the iPhone Spy App is now functioning on the phone, the user can never find out because it is virtually untraceable – no icon shows up once the iPhone Spy App is installed and no notifications can alert user that it is sitting in the background on their phone and watching their every move.

At the point of installation the iPhone Spy App begins by collecting all existing information and data on the phone i.e. pictures, call logs, videos, emails, text messages etc. and delivers them to the installer’s online account. From that point on the iPhone Spy App speedily sifts through all new data that enters the phone and sends it over for the installer to see. The iPhone Spy App reports back to the installer with the following:-

  • Contact list – each new contact added will be sent to the installer. Any alterations or updates to the contact list will also be sent forth to the installer, immediately.
  • Emails – all personal/professional accounts that the phone owner has linked to his phone will be available for the installer’s perusal because of the iPhone Spy App since all incoming and outgoing emails are monitored by the iPhone Spy App. It can also reveal someone’s entire browsing history to the installer.
  • Call logs and text messages – with the iPhone Spy App you can easily check someone’s call logs i.e. details of all calls coming to and going from the phone; this includes where the calls were coming from/going to, along with how long they lasted. Details of text messages are the same;however, the installer also has the ability to see the content of the texts with the iPhone Spy App.
  • Tracking – the target user can be tracked with the iPhone Spy App. The GPS on the phone is used to pinpoint their location on a map which is available on the installer’s online account. At times an iPhone’s GPS fails to function, but not to worry since the iPhone Spy App can track the target user through satellite and Wi-Fi signals.
  • Spy Call – the spy call feature from the iPhone Spy App allows a person to send a secret text to their target phone and either listen to their surroundings live or record it for later perusal.
  • Videos and pictures – no picture taken or video made with the phone can be concealed by the target user once the iPhone Spy App is installed. It easily records each video and picture and sends it over to the installer to check.
For more details on features visit iPhone Spy App Features.
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