iPhone Spy Apps and their Usage

As saying goes, ‘curiosity kills the cat,’ the same is the case with humans. When they see anything that is not expected, they get tensed. For example, you see your wife involvement in any other guy you get jealous and want to see the reality. For keeping an eye on your wife you want a spy software. Mobile spy announced its availability for famous commercial spy software for iPhone. This iPhone spy works with all the Apple iPhone even the latest 4S. iPhone Spy App allows you to monitor an iPhone easily.

The other well known iPhone spy is Flexispy. It is available in four versions, PRO-X, PRO, LIGHT, and BASIC. The method of installation of these iPhone spy app is very easy. You just have to buy iPhone Spy software and install it in the target phone. Details of the activities on the iPhone will be uploaded to your personal account through iPhone Spy. It is completely undetectable and the monitored person will never get an idea of its installation in his/her mobile.

Main Features of iPhone Spy App

Call Logs:

All the incoming and outgoing calls data will be uploaded to your personal account with timings by iPhone Spy App. Even the call duration can also be seen.

Text Messages:

Read the content of all the incoming and outgoing messages via iPhone Spy App. Messages will log to your personal account as they are made. Even if the targeted person deletes the text, you will be able to read them.

GPS Location:

GPS location will help you to see the exact location of the iPhone after very 30minutes. iPhone Spy App bundled with GPS location as well. Even Mobistealth provides location without GPS, Isn’t amazing?


Every contact on the phone book will be seen by you. New contact that is added in the iPhone will be logged to your personal account through iPhone Spy software.


Emails that are sent and received will be seen via iPhone Spy App by you. All the email activity will be under your eye.

Browsing History:

The websites that are visited by the target iPhone will be logged to your personal account through iPhone Spy. You can revisit them anytime.

Photo and Video Logs:

The photos that are taken by the iPhone or the videos that are made will be seen by you. Even the photos that are shared by any other person will be viewable by you.


All the bookmarks that are made in the iPhone will be recorded to your account through iPhone Spy app.

Spy Call:

This is a very interesting feature. By this you can hear the live calls made by the iPhone. You can also hear the surrounding sounds. For making spy call you are supposed to send a spy message to the target phone. This feature helps you a lot in seeing what actually in going on the other side.

Mobistealth is better than Flexispy and Flexispy is superior to Mobile spy as it is providing full remote control capability and an ability to uninstall the software remotely simply by sending an SMS command. Mobistealth is only iPhone Spy app which is compatible with the latest version of ios 4.2.1.

Let’s buy iPhone Spy App!!!

Currently there are 3 most trusted iPhone spy app vendors are competing in market and they are almost offering same kind of features but price range is different. We are offering you the best choice for you.


Buy iPhone Spy App

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