iPhone Spy Apps and their Usage

As saying goes, ‘curiosity kills the cat,’ the same is the case with humans. When they see anything that is not expected, they get tensed. For example, you see your wife involvement in any other guy you get jealous and want to see the reality. For keeping an eye on your wife you want a spy software. Mobile spy announced its availability for famous commercial spy software for iPhone. This iPhone spy works with all the Apple iPhone even the latest 4S. iPhone Spy App allows you to monitor an iPhone easily.

The other well known iPhone spy is Flexispy. It is available in four versions, PRO-X, PRO, LIGHT, and BASIC. The method of installation of these iPhone spy app is very easy. You just have to buy iPhone Spy software and install it in the target phone. Details of the activities on the iPhone will be uploaded to your personal account through iPhone Spy. It is completely undetectable and the monitored person will never get an idea of its installation in his/her mobile.

Main Features of iPhone Spy App

Call Logs:

All the incoming and outgoing calls data will be uploaded to your personal account with timings by iPhone Spy App. Even the call duration can also be seen.

Text Messages:

Read the content of all the incoming and outgoing messages via iPhone Spy App. Messages will log to your personal account as they are made. Even if the targeted person deletes the text, you will be able to read them.

GPS Location:

GPS location will help you to see the exact location of the iPhone after very 30minutes. iPhone Spy App bundled with GPS location as well. Even Mobistealth provides location without GPS, Isn’t amazing?


Every contact on the phone book will be seen by you. New contact that is added in the iPhone will be logged to your personal account through iPhone Spy software.


Emails that are sent and received will be seen via iPhone Spy App by you. All the email activity will be under your eye.

Browsing History:

The websites that are visited by the target iPhone will be logged to your personal account through iPhone Spy. You can revisit them anytime.

Photo and Video Logs:

The photos that are taken by the iPhone or the videos that are made will be seen by you. Even the photos that are shared by any other person will be viewable by you.


All the bookmarks that are made in the iPhone will be recorded to your account through iPhone Spy app.

Spy Call:

This is a very interesting feature. By this you can hear the live calls made by the iPhone. You can also hear the surrounding sounds. For making spy call you are supposed to send a spy message to the target phone. This feature helps you a lot in seeing what actually in going on the other side.

Mobistealth is better than Flexispy and Flexispy is superior to Mobile spy as it is providing full remote control capability and an ability to uninstall the software remotely simply by sending an SMS command. Mobistealth is only iPhone Spy app which is compatible with the latest version of ios 4.2.1.

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How to Keep Your Children Safe from Online Threats on an iPhone

With the likes of iPhone becoming extremely popular among kids, it is becoming increasingly common to find kids freely surfing the web. Internet has almost become their second home, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since there is so much they can learn of it. However, along with the good, internet has brought some bad as well, and one of the biggest problems it has created is online threats for children. These threats are well documented over the web, and their ability to scar kids for life is no secret either. This of course is not something you want your kids to go through. This is why it is advised that you seek help from iPhone spy apps. These tools can help keep your kids stay safe from several internet threats, a few of which have been outlined below.

Online Predators

The biggest threat kids face while on the internet is of online predators. They lurk online and are always on the hunt for gullible young targets. Unaware and hence unprepared, kids find themselves trapped by them and are unable to do anything about it. You as a parent certainly don’t want it to happen to your children, which is why it is advised that you seek help from a spy app. It enables you to see who your kids are talking to and what kind of stuff they are talking about. If you see your child talking to what even remotely seems like a sexual predator, then intervene right away and do whatever is necessary to save your child.

Porn Addiction

Another huge problem that kids can succumb to on internet is porn. Kids are curious about sex, which leads to searching for such content, and what they eventually find is in no way crafted for them. Some children take it as a lesson and stay away from porn. However, some of them get addicted and keep watching pornographic content day in and day out. This excessive viewing leads to porn addiction. iPhone monitoring apps can help you here as well. They allow you to see detailed browsing history of your kids and thus let you know if they’ve been sneaking into inappropriate areas on the web. They will surely understand and are more than likely to lay off adult content in the near future.


Sexting has become a trend these days, especially among youngsters. They exchange explicit, often sexual in nature, messages and photos with each other, mostly a member of the opposite gender, while seeking appreciation or attraction. This trend seems to have really taken off. If you don’t want your kid to go down this route, then once again, it is recommended that you seek help from a spy app. It will allow you to see all the sent and received messages, even the ones that are sent through social networking platforms like WhatsApp, LINE, Kik, Skype, Viber, etc. Sexting is not a healthy habit and can cause several problems for your kids. So a safe bet here is to keep them off it, and the only reliable way to ensure that is by keeping tabs on their mobile communications through the help of iPhone monitoring apps.

3 Things You Should Remember Before Buying iPhone Spy App

The trend of using monitoring apps, also known as spy apps, to keep tabs on someone’s iPhone calls, messages, emails, browsing history, media, and location has been on the rise lately. That’s understandable as these tools are ridiculously powerful due to their ability to work exceptionally well while showing complete disregard for distance or geographical location. If you too are planning to jump on the iPhone spying bandwagon, then go ahead. However, before you do that, there are a few important things that you must know to avoid unnecessary complications.

Its Legality is Conditional

Although iPhone spy apps can easily be picked off the web and the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) haven’t announced a crackdown on the companies behind these tools, you should still exercise caution. The legality of spy apps is based on their use. If you are using spy apps on someone else’s iPhone, and that too without seeking their consent first, then you’ll be guilty of committing an infraction, one that may result in imprisonment and fine. You can only install a spy app on a device that you own. This includes devices that you may have given to your employees for work purposes. However, even if you are installing the monitoring app on your own devices that is in someone else’s use, it is legally binding on you to inform them that you’re keeping tabs on their mobile communications and activities. If you don’t do that and the person you’re spying on reports you to the LEAs, you can end up in a lot of trouble.

iPhone Spy Apps have Limitations

There is no denying the fact that spying tech has evolved a lot in recent years, gaining unique and powerful abilities that once seemed impossible. However, there are still a lot of things that it can’t do. For example, you cannot install a spy app on the target iPhone remotely. Furthermore, you can’t snoop on encrypted data and communications. That, however, may not prove to be such a huge issue since most spy apps pick data off the device directly, or in some instances the backup server, where the data is normally stored in an unencrypted form. However, if you’re planning to intercept data mid-air, then you’ll only find yourself disappointed. One more thing that you need to be mindful of is that Apple keeps releasing new updates to reinforce iOS’s defenses. So if you’re able to snoop on a certain iPhone activity today, there’s a very good chance that you might lose that access following the release of a new update by Apple. To regain that kind of access, you might have to wait for a newer version of whatever spy app you’re using.

Spy Apps Can Damage Relationships

This one is no brainer. Nobody likes to be spied on. If you’re snooping on the conversations, online activities, pictures, videos, and whereabouts of people you share a good relation with, including your partner, friends, colleagues, etc., then you’re basically taking a huge risk. The moment they find out what you’ve been up to, they’re likely to feel betrayed and distance themselves from you. Some might even go as far as reporting you to the LEAs for invading their privacy. You may not want to take such a risk. Therefore, always think twice or thrice before investing in and deploying an iPhone spy app.

3 Very Good Reasons to Invest in an iPhone Monitoring App

iPhone monitoring apps are all the buzz these days. They are slowly but surely winning the confidence of employers and parents alike through their attractive features and advanced capabilities. If you already know what this technology is capable of, then the surge in its popularity shouldn’t really come as a huge surprise to you. However, if you find yourself among the uninitiated few, then now is your chance to learn what an iPhone monitoring app is capable of, and why you should invest in one immediately.

Preventing Internet Abuse

There is so much to love about the internet, but it has also given rise to a whole range of new and unique problems, ranging from porn, social media addiction, and time wasting, to decreased real-world interactions and data leakage, etc. With kids and employees getting easy access to the internet through their iPhone, they have a higher chance to move towards internet abuse, especially in the absence of parental or employer supervision respectively. In order to discourage them, you need to be keeping an eye on how they are using their iPhone and internet privileges, which is where monitoring apps come in.

Keeping Your Legitimate Interests Safe

The abuse of internet can pose a huge threat to your legitimate interests, both as a parent and as an employer. Giving your kids, especially those in their teenage years, complete freedom on their iPhone is never a smart parenting move because you’ll basically be giving them a license to freely engage in activities that can be detrimental to their physical and psychological health. They can be sneaking into the dark and shady corners of the web, perpetrating or suffering cyberbullying, learning about drugs and developing a desire to try them, falling into the trap laid out by online predators etc. As an employer, you might be exposing your business to all kinds of risks like reduced employee efficiency and decreased productivity due to distraction, excessive workplace texting, web surfing, and social networking, data leakage, and so much more. The most effective way to mitigate these problems is by keeping tabs on your kids’ and employees’ iPhone activities using a monitoring solution.

Staying Prepared for the Unexpected

With a monitoring app on your kids’ or employees’ iPhones, you can be prepared to easily tackle a complicated situation that can possibly arise in the future, be it kidnapping, workplace harassment, litigation, or something even worse. Monitoring apps efficiently log all iPhone activities, including calls, messages, web history, emails, gallery, and can even track the location information of an iOS device. Having this kind of information at your fingertips can help you deal with an unexpected situation and, in case of a legal battle, allow you to walk out of the courtroom unscathed.

Tracking Someone’s Location Has Never Been Easier

Since the arrival of smartphones, one feature that has been in huge demand is location tracking. However, despite being in demand, there were a very few apps that managed to make it work just right. Fortunately, things have started to change lately as we are getting a large number of apps that actually enhance the location tracking experience. Apps like Mobistealth have started to offer this feature in a way that makes tracking anyone easier than ever. Previously, you could only keep tabs on the current location of people, but nowadays apps enable you to historically track someone. It means that you’ll be able to know where the person is and had been throughout the day. This of course is a huge help and will come in handy for both parents and employers alike.

How it Helps Parents

If you’re a parent, then you are probably all too familiar with the uneasiness that a parent feels when their kids are late or are not at the place that they said they’d be. This is where location tracking feature can prove beneficial. It allows you to keep an eye on your kid’s current and previous locations, providing you with much needed peace of mind. Keeping your kids safe from all kinds of trouble is your main priority and with the help of a location tracking app, you can fulfill this responsibility with unprecedented ease. If you see them at a place where they shouldn’t be, you’ll know about it. If they lie about being at friend’s house and went somewhere else, you will know about it as well. This kind of information may not hold much importance for some of the parents right now, but later when kids start to lie frequently, they will surely realize what this information is worth.

How it Helps Employers

The companies which require employees to leave office premises on regular basis for deliveries or some other task can benefit a lot from location tracking tool. When outside of workplace, employees tend to slack off and make unnecessary stops. This of course affects the overall performance of a company, which just isn’t acceptable. However, if you have location tracking app installed on each of your employees’ device, then the probability of them slacking off would be quite low. The presence of a location tracking app on their device, and the knowledge that their boss or the management is aware of where they are will certainly make them remain focused on the assigned tasks. This is a great way to improve efficiency in such workplaces. Employers around the world have been using location tracking apps to keep tabs on their employees, and if you’re also running a company with deliveries, you can also consider giving these solutions a shot.

iPhone Spy Apps Can Help Reduce Smartphone Usage at Workplace

There’s no denying the fact that smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, so much so that they have become a necessity. Due to this reason, you as an employer cannot deny their usage at workplace. Employees however, take this decision as a green signal to freely use smartphones whenever they feel like it, even ignoring work duties as a result. Their lack of commitment to work obviously affects the workflow and damages the overall company’s performance. You certainly don’t want that to happen in your company, which is why it is recommended that you seek help from iPhone spy apps. Such tools can help reduce smartphone usage in the workplace by quite some margin.

Fighting Smartphone Abuse Through iPhone Spy Apps

Apps that fall in this category allow you to keep tabs on what’s happening on your employees’ iPhone. You can see if they are texting or calling someone, visiting non-work related websites, wasting time on chat apps, etc. Gaining this information helps you to identify time-wasters as well as efficient employees. The time-wasters who previously had absolutely no check on them are likely to stay on their toes once you have deployed monitoring tech in the workplace. Knowing that they are being watched, they will most likely focus on the work. However, if they still don’t pay attention to their assigned tasks and keep on wasting their time on their iPhones, you’ll know about it through the spy app right away, and then penalize them for this unprofessional work attitude.

Penalizing an employee may seem harsh in the beginning but soon you will start to see the impact this punishment can have on others. Knowing that you’re looking at each one of them and are not taking time wastage lightly, everyone will become cautious. Likelihood is that they will become more productive to save their jobs. Now with all employees working harder, your company has a chance to regain its competitive position in the market.

The Importance of Securing Workplace Monitoring Data

Whenever you install a spy app on your employees’ iPhones, you have to tell them about it and get their consent in advance because if you don’t and they find out about it, then you could be in a whole lot of legal trouble. Furthermore, you should be extra careful with the spy apps and don’t let anyone untrustworthy near them. These apps carry personal information of your employees, and if someone gets that information, then it will not reflect well on you or your company. So before installing spy apps in your workplace, ensure that you have a strong security protocol in place to prevent any kind of unrestricted access to employee data.